Company Overview

For over a decade, BIA has been developing and implementing defensible, technology driven software solutions complimented by mature professional services that reduce the costs and risks related to litigation, regulatory compliance and internal investigations and audits. BIA’s TotalDiscovery is the first online eDiscovery solution that integrates the entire process from legal hold to data collections, analysis and review. With no software to install or hardware to deploy, the powerful enterprise-class features and expert workflows in TotalDiscovery can be utilized on demand to easily and defensibly collect data from employees and resources around the globe and quickly deliver relevant documents to the review platform of your choice. TotalDiscovery is the future of simple, accurate, defensible and cost predictable eDiscovery and legal data compliance.

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Our Guiding Principles

TotalDiscovery Shield Defensibility

At the core of everything we do – from software development to professional services – is defensibility. If a process is not defensible from the outset, nothing else matters. Our roots are in the fields of computer forensics and information security, so defensibility is in our DNA and impacts every decision we make, every process we recommend and every software product we build.

Affordability Stack Affordability

BIA realizes the challenges our customers face each day and the balance that must be maintained between innovation and affordability. BIA will continue to drive down the costs of eDiscovery, while maintaining the integrity of the process.

Lightbulb Innovation

Innovation is the key to creating simple, but effective, solutions to the ever-changing needs of the legal data management market. We started over a decade ago, building the first network-based, targeted remote data collection software, called DiscoveryBOT™. That innovation continues today with TotalDiscovery, the industry’s first cloud-based, integrated data identification, collection, preservation and analysis solution.

Pocketwatch Efficiency

Blazing fast speed is often crucial to a successful process. From the ability to collect and process terabytes of information in a rapid fashion, to marshaling the resources to analyze, review and produce millions of documents in exceedingly short periods of time, all of BIA’s software products and professional services are designed and constantly tuned to improve efficiency and meet the demands of our fast-paced industry.

Puzzle Pieces Integration

We create software tools that can be used by our customers in an automated fashion at any time, while always backed by integrated professional services as needed. Realizing that new data storage products are continually being introduced to the market, and that custom or legacy systems will also be ever present, our professional services back-up our automated software tools with the resources necessary to solve any custom, legacy or other specialized data collection or analysis need, providing our customers with a fully integrated solution, regardless of the computing environments encountered.

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From product and service offerings to cutting-edge corporate news, BIA is a leader in software and services solutions. See below for the latest headlines in the news about BIA.

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Our incredible growth and success has been facilitated by a management team with deep industry knowledge. From bringing in the nation's top industry talent with extensive management and technology expertise to promoting from within, we have successfully positioned ourselves to continually deliver software and service solutions to Fortune 100, Global 1000 and leading law firms. With experts in numerous fields, our team has a working knowledge of various industries and issues facing enterprise clients, including compliance and risk management, and legal and IT solutions.

History / Timeline

BIA was founded by professionals in the areas of Computer Forensics, Information Technology, eDiscovery and the Law — bridging the gap between computer forensics and the emerging electronic data discovery industry. BIA’s rapid evolution from a data collections company to a single-source information management corporation is credited to an in-depth understanding and creation of full-scope services applied to the Electronically Stored Information (ESI) model. The history below outlines the growth progression and advancement in the ever-evolving field of information management.

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