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Trusted experts for over two decades.

Experienced eDiscovery and digital evidence professionals, mature technologies and legally defensible processes are the reasons that clients trust BIA.

Complex Litigation

Complex Litigation

Experienced professionals and cutting-edge technology ensure success, legal defensibility and cost-control.

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Online Investigations

Online Investigations

Investigating digital assets is important for internal incidents, insurance claims analysis and lawsuits.

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DoJ 2nd Requests

DOJ 2nd Requests

Managing large document volumes, strict legal timeframes and scrutinizing regulators are our specialties.

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Construction Defects

Construction Defects

Our extensive subject matter expertise provides a solid foundation for construction litigation matters of any size.

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Saving Money

Saving our clients millions on their overall legal spend.

Corporate legal costs continue to increase as data volumes get bigger, but BIA can keep that from happening.

BIA has developed specialized processes, separate from any legal technology platform, to ensure clients save money on their overall corporate legal spend. By delivering budget predictability and mature solutions, backed up by our white-glove customer service, BIA helps its clients succeed in their legal matters and defenses without breaking the bank.

Protecting Our Clients

Protecting our clients by ensuring strong legal defensibility.

BIA’s data flows and storage options minimize legal risk, putting BIA clients in a stronger legal position with every case.

From its founding, BIA has been focused on protecting its clients from spoliation, bad discovery decisions, and inadvertent sanctions. By designing legal defensibility into everything it does, from its custom solutions to its standard processes, BIA ensures that its clients are protected from discovery-related risks. BIA clients have benefited for almost two decades from this diligent and still unique approach to legal data management.

Managing Data

Managing and analyzing hundreds of terabytes, and counting.

BIA is a trusted source for its clients to gather, analyze and host billions of digital objects.

BIA hosts large volumes of data and analyzes everything from electronic documents, email, chat data, social media posts to records from databases and other business systems. BIA uses advanced tools and software to gather data in a forensically sound manner, to process and analyze that data with sophisticated indexing and search technologies and to output it efficiently and effectively for our clients’ needs.

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