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About Us

BIA was formed from the beginning as an eDiscovery company that creates technology and expertly uses it to help our clients make the best use of their data.

From our background in litigation and digital forensics, to creating platforms like TotalDiscovery and DiscoveryBOT, to skillfully using the best analytics and review platforms in the industry, BIA excels in creating elegant methods for solving complex tasks – defensibly.

Simply put, we have the right people and technology in place so our clients can work more efficiently and effectively.

  • BIA has the best customer service in the industry.

    Yes, that is a bold, perhaps audacious statement. And we mean it. It seems more and more that customer service and support have taken a back seat to technology. Not at BIA. We believe technology requires a strong team of people supporting it. We work tirelessly and happily to assist our clients in any capacity needed.
  • BIA is a full solution provider.

    We offer truly end-to-end eDiscovery services – from legal holds to trial presentations, including forensic investigations and expert witness services.
  • BIA gets the eDiscovery monkey off your back.

    Whether rapidly responding to a matter already in progress or developing proactive eDiscovery and litigation readiness plans, we work closely with our clients, their counsel and other stakeholders to create efficient, affordable and comprehensive solutions that make lives easier.

Learn more about BIA’s vision, culture, team, history and partnerships.