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Company Culture

We know that everything depends on our employees, and we strive to make our company an enjoyable place where our team members feel valued and appreciated. We make sure that we are living our mission, vision and core principles every day. 

KitchenThis commitment is manifest in how we treat our team members, in how we work with our clients and in the way that we constantly come up with new, innovative solutions to meet our clients’ evolving needs. Because of our strong company culture that encourages respect and collaboration between team members, we have a very low turnover rate. And our clients appreciate that we can provide the institutional knowledge that comes with working with the same team members for years.

We celebrate our people through our WOW! Award Program, which rewards team members who demonstrate our guiding principles, provide inspiring service, go above and beyond to meet a critical deliverable or show outstanding teamwork. How does it work? Any team member can nominate a fellow team member who has completed a task with excellence, quality and creativity. Recipients are given personal notes of gratitude, company-wide recognition and a nomination for our quarterly WOWIE! Award, which yields a bonus and paid time off.

Toys for Tots 

We also value continuous education, which is why it’s one of our company’s guiding principles. From our inception, we’ve offered educational programs that help raise the bar across the industry. 

We hold weekly lunch-and-learns that focus on relevant topics, attend and hold industry events and webinars and encourage team members to seek additional training and certifications. As a result, BIA has one of the best educated teams in the industry.

Beyond our own walls, we also make it a priority to lend a helping hand in the community. We partner with local organizations, including the Food Bank for New York City’s Community Kitchen and the Marine Toys for Tots Program, to volunteer and serve those in need.