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Company Overview

BIA was founded in 2002, before eDiscovery had even emerged as an industry. As an industry pioneer, BIA has set the standard for delivering efficient, accurate and cost-effective eDiscovery services.

The founders of BIA, who have backgrounds in law, technology and forensics, experienced a firsthand need for better data solutions in litigation and went on to create them. With the perfect blend of innovative concepts, state-of-the-art technology and highly trained professionals, BIA handles even the most complex legal matters for corporations, governmental agencies and law firms. The history below outlines the growth progression and advancement in the ever-evolving field of eDiscovery.


BIA Timeline:


  • BIA acquired the eDiscovery and Computer Forensics Division of U.S. Legal Support, Inc., a national court reporting, record retrieval and litigation services company



  • Released a new TotalDiscovery design and user experience


  • Eliminated the cost to use TotalDiscovery for legal holds, making it the first completely free legal hold management tool
  • Introduced TotalDiscovery collection tools for social media and cloud applications


  • Publicly launched the first end-to-end, cloud-based enterprise SaaS platform for eDiscovery – TotalDiscovery – managing legal hold notification, early case assessment, data collection, filtering, search and processing


  • Launched Solis(tm) the first unified enterprise legal hold, remote data collections and ECA solution, based on its DiscoveryBOT and TotalDiscovey eDiscovery software solutions
  • Remote collections milestone: Collected data from systems in over 40 countries, including offshore oil rigs


  • Piloted an enterprise eDiscovery platform, which eventually became the cloud-based version known as TotalDiscovery
  • Created BIA TAR – a unique, stand-alone approach to technology assisted review that can be integrated into any review process, regardless of platform. BIA TAR was specifically designed for legal document review and offers significant cost reductions
  • Opened Washington, D.C. office


  • Opened data center and document review facilities in Kalamazoo, MI


  • Released an international version of DiscoveryBOT
  • Released data analytics tool


  • Opened a new facility in New York City and an R&D office in Seattle, WA
  • Added enterprise data management to service offering


  • Became one of the first eDiscovery firms to offer ESI re-use across matters and custodians, as well as privilege tracking across matters
  • Pioneered domestic and international remote collections
  • Released TotalDiscovery advanced infrastructure upgrade


  • Designed and built our own grid-computing processing farm, increasing capacity to over 100GB/day – and provided this service to other, less-advanced eDiscovery firms
  • Released TotalDiscovery processing tool


  • Released the first light-touch live data collection tool, DiscoveryBOT – allowing for seamless data collection from disparate corporate data resources with minimal business interruption, zero end-user interference and nominal IT resource requirements
  • First to charge a flat fee per custodian for data collection


  • Founded as a computer forensics consulting firm in New York City
  • Became one of the first companies to bill for TIFF production by gigabyte instead of by page