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7 Steps to Make Your eDiscovery Process Pandemic (and Recession) Ready

7 Steps to Make Your eDiscovery Process Pandemic and Recession-Ready

This article, 7 Steps to Make Your eDiscovery Process Pandemic and Recession-Ready, appeared in the publication Legaltech News, where BIA Co-Founder & CEO Brian Schrader addresses the reality of a pending recession induced by COVID-19 and the resulting financial effects of which law firms worldwide are feeling only the beginning.

The pressures to operate within a tighter-than-usual budget require doing more with fewer resources. Easily said but hardly easy. Fortunately, legal technology has come so far in the past decade (since the last recession) that the need to cut back doesn’t have to be as crippling as it may seem. The best ways to save money on your eDiscovery process involve some basic tactics that we’ve developed and polished during our 20+ years in the industry:

  1. Have A Plan: Creating a Standard eDiscovery Business Process
  2. Centralize Your eDiscovery
  3. Custodian Questionnaires
  4. Collect Data Remotely
  5. Targeted Data Collections
  6. Data Processing, Early Analytics, and Professionals
  7. Dynamite Document Review = Technology Assisted Review + Human-Assisted Technology

The term “eDiscovery” is a bit redundant. It’s 2020—all Discovery is eDiscovery. Planning for Discovery should be a crucial piece of your company’s business continuity plan. It will help you control costs, keep your entire process defensible, and eliminate the need for those chaotic discovery fire drills that we all know and don’t love.

Our 7 keys to success will help ensure your core business isn’t disrupted when a legal event occurs, whether a pandemic or recession is going on or not.

Are You Ready for the Recession? Let us help you and your eDiscovery get there.

When faced with the realities of a global pandemic or recession, where both your human and fiscal resources can be strained to their limits, controlling those costs becomes an incredibly important part of your company’s continuity. With a little advanced planning, and by leveraging some of the latest developments, workflows and technologies discussed above, not only can you tackle the added stresses and accomplish more with less, but you can improve your eDiscovery process for the good times as well.

BIA has been helping law firms and corporations establish, nurture, and perfect their eDiscovery processes from all different stages and at all different levels. We have the right tools for the job (some of which we have built ourselves) and the right people for the tools. 

Few things are more frustrating than wasted time, money or effort, especially in times when resources are waning. Whether it’s helping firms set up an ESI playbook to use as an eDiscovery GPS of sorts, or reviewing millions of documents for med-mal cases at our legal document review center fully staffed with licensed attorneys, we are the eDiscovery Experts and we can help with your eDiscovery process — help you save time, money, headaches, and maybe even your company.

Ready for the Recession?

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