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Defeating Fraudulent Workers’ Comp Claims

workers' comp claims
workers' comp claims

This article appeared in the publication, Industry Today, where BIA’s Barry Schwartz and Wes Johnson discuss how social media investigations can uncover admissible evidence to defeat workers’ comp claims that are false or fraudulent, saving you time and money.

Worker’s comp claims can result in a big payout. Some claimants are exceptionally skilled at deception, “proving” their workers’ compensation claims case with staged accidents and fabricated injuries, so they can receive funds they don’t deserve.

False workers’ comp claims are costly for everyone — the companies involved, the insurance industry, and the consumers whose premiums get increased as a result. The good news is that many people openly discuss and post information on social media sites that can be used evidence to undermine fraudulent claims.

There are several specialized and legal ways to identify, capture, review and use that information from social media sites to help assist companies, their counsel and the insurance companies to defeat claims brought on by employees as fraudulent.

Using Social Media Investigations to fight fraud.

For example, a person may make a workers’ comp claim for injuries sustained on the job but posts on social media are found — whether under that person’s account or via their friend networks — that can be used to prove those injuries are not as severe as they claim, or did not occur.

BIA has been providing Social Media Investigations services for several years and has become one of the leading investigative companies for using social media as part of workers’ comp claims analysis as well as for general insurance claims analysis. But the process requires specialized tools and methods in order for a social media investigation to be successful and for it to be legally defensible.

Professional private investigators work with commercial and open-source software and follow accepted investigative principles and standard operating procedures to hand-off information to counsel who can use that information as evidence in workers comp cases to minimize damages and in many cases, to completely defeat those claims.

Defeat Workers’ Comp Cases

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