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Overcoming Three Common eDiscovery Challenges

Overcoming Three Common eDiscovery Challenges

The article, Overcoming Three Common eDiscovery Challenges, appeared in the publication Contract Pharma, where BIA’s Barry Schwartz discusses how to mitigate problems that go along with managing eDiscovery in the pharmaceutical industry.

Modern corporations must have a precise handle on the monumental amount of data its computers, devices, and cloud environments hold, but data location and amounts may not be fully detailed, even by a company’s own information management system. This is where a custodian questionnaire comes in:  performing detailed interviews about your employees’ data hygiene will help find and target the pertinent data.  Custodian questionnaires will help focus your eDiscovery strategy and best utilize technology and analytics, which in turn save you, your legal team and ultimately, your company time and money.

Privacy and regulatory issues are up-front concerns for pharmaceutical companies. Personally identifiable information (PII) and intellectual property (IP) should be handled with care the moment it is created, not just after a problem or a leak.  Involving your eDiscovery team early on will help ensure that sensitive data is securely encrypted from the beginning and forensically sound before any potential litigation.

When litigation or an investigation arises, smart pharmaceutical companies will also take a proactive approach and have a detailed eDiscovery playbook tailored to their data situation. Look to your eDiscovery professionals to help you create, define, and layout every aspect of those policies and procedures related to electronically-stored information (ESI). You can work with your team of legal and technical experts to plan out every potential step of the process, so that there are no surprises – aside from potential streamlined costs. 

Manage Your eDiscovery End-to-End.

Sensitive electronic information needs to be handled with care at all times, and regulatory situations only increase the amount and complexity of your company’s data. 

BIA provides eDiscovery Managed Services to corporate clients across several industries, including pharmaceuticals. With our experience, expertise, and tailored consultations, we can plan out the storage, collection, security, protocols, and best practices for the entire lifecycle of your data.

With one reliable eDiscovery team by their side, pharma companies can prepare for expected – and unexpected – digital pitfalls before they ever become an issue. A team like BIA will use comprehensive, detailed, and consistent data governance strategies to provide a holistic understanding and pinpointed analysis. 

Solve Common eDiscovery Challenges

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