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Review is Not the Most Expensive Part of eDiscovery

Review is Not the Most Expensive Part of eDiscovery
KM World

In this KMWorld article, Review is Not the Most Expensive Part of E-Discovery, BIA’s Lisa Prowse offers an alternative spin on the widely accepted notion that document review is the costliest component of the discovery process. Prowse posits that, in fact, the real invoice-bloaters are the inefficiencies that so often exist within the document review process.

To begin curbing inefficiencies in your document review and reducing wasted time, money, and effort, start with these steps:

1. Stop overspending on search term negotiations.

Gone are the days where going back and forth about search terms could significantly lower hosting costs and attorney review hours. Now it’s much faster, more efficient, and usually more accurate to load document sets into machine learning systems and have them do the work. Let the technology do what it’s designed to do.

2. Avoid unnecessary discovery timeline compression.

This is often connected to Item 1 above. If you have a deadline 6 weeks out and spend the first 3 arguing over search terms, not only do the attorney fees pile up on the front end, but by the time you start looking at actual documents, your review process is likely to end up rushed, frantic, and significantly more costly.

3. Eliminate excessive issue coding.

Legal teams often use issue codes to label documents and make them easier to find further down the road. However, the reality is that too many issue codes can slow down the document review pace and escalate costs. Stick to 8-10 tags and take advantage of the analytical tools (TAR and others), many of which have more powerful capabilities than issue coding ever did.

4. Eliminate junk attachments.

Smart handling of document families can make a big difference in your costs for hosting, review, and production. Files with logos and social media icons that are treated as attachments can quickly bloat your database, complicate your workflows, and drive up costs.

The Right Technology + The Right Humans = The Most Efficient Document Review

Analytics tools and technologies continue to evolve at an incredible pace. With these tools, even terabytes of data can be reviewed in a fraction of the time and cost that it would have taken even five years ago—if they are run by people who truly understand their capabilities and know how to use them.

At BIA, we have both—the tools and the people to run them. Our full-time attorney document review team is a well-oiled machine of its own, daily helping clients reduce inefficiencies and save money. Our litigation technology and project management teams stay on top of frequent additions to the eDiscovery toolbox by gaining and maintaining certifications in Relativity, Brainspace, Reveal, NexLP, ACEDS, EDI, PMP, and others. For 20 years, we have worked with law firms and corporate clients, helping them develop managed document review workflows and processes that reduce waste and ultimately win cases. We’d love to show you how—call us today.

Document review doesn’t have to break the bank.

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