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Why Analytics Can Be Risky in the Wrong Hands

Why Analytics can be Risky in the Wrong Hands

In his article for Law.com, Why Analytics Can Be Risky in the Wrong Hands, BIA analytics and review expert Barry Schwartz discusses several ways in which novice users of analytics platforms can unintentionally misuse this complex technology.

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eDiscovery software has seen dramatic advancements in recent years, with powerful analytics capabilities becoming standard features rather than pricey add-ons only available to certain users. eDiscovery platforms have grown more user-friendly, with engaging interfaces that allow users to visualize, analyze and produce data. Nonetheless, the true value of these platforms shines through only when users understand how to use the more advanced features.

The engaging and user-friendly interfaces can be deceiving, leading some inexperienced users who start using these platforms to believe they can manage the process on their own. In some situations, this overconfident attitude has resulted in the user accidentally producing privileged information without realizing it.

Barry’s full article covers some common pitfalls and provides additional discussion of how the effectiveness of the analytics process depends on the expertise of the humans running it. eDiscovery analytics tools can help you find relevant documents quickly — but only when wielded correctly.

BIA’s eDiscovery experts have experience in a wide variety of advanced analytics tools, and they know how to use them to optimize early case assessment, filtering, and document review. Our team of industry veterans and suite of sophisticated platforms help our clients reduce legal spend, banish inefficiencies, and find the right data quickly. We’d love to help you, too. Call or email us today.

Learn from the pros how to avoid rookie mistakes.

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