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Legal Document Review Infographic: Hourly vs Per-Doc

Legal Document Review Infographic

This legal document review infographic offers a code-cracking tool for attorneys, most of whom are painfully aware that doc review is the most costly part of discovery. If you’ve ever debated over hourly versus per-doc pricing models, read on to learn more about the most effective document review models from the standpoint of pricing as well as staffing.

Our legal document review infographic shows the clear benefits of using a core and consistent document review team across all projects, and it demonstrates the potential for significant savings in per-document over hourly pricing models. A combination of the right pricing model, people, tools, and workflows will drastically reduce the cost of document review and likely yield a higher accuracy rate.

Read on to crack the code with an infographic that actually includes real pricing. Enjoy!

If your company has recurring litigation needs, you should be considering more than just the hourly cost. BIA can provide you with a central team for all your legal document review needs. Your team of review attorneys is already trained and certified in running and teaching the review tools, so your documents will start getting eyes on them from Day 1 instead of Day 4 or 5.

Our Legal Document Review Infographic is only a snapshot of what our BIA team can do to help tackle your review needs. To have a conversation about document review pricing or staffing, get in touch with BIA today.