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A Roundup of BIA’s New eDiscovery & Other Service Offerings

eDiscovery Service Offerings

New BIA eDiscovery Service Offerings offer more than just traditional eDiscovery.

For nearly 20 years, BIA’s innovative eDiscovery service offerings and related digital services, along with exemplary customer service have secured our position as a top eDiscovery service provider.

To maintain that position, we constantly strive to provide our clients with the services and products you need, and the customer service dedication you deserve. Here are some of our recently introduced services and technologies that further support BIA’s ongoing commitment to your success.

Expanded Social Media Investigations

From one-off reports to routine monitoring during the pendency of a case or trial, Social Media Investigations has quickly become the must-have tool in modern litigations. Inexpensive, quick and incredibly insightful, a single report can be useful not just to better understand the litigants, but witnesses, organizations and beyond. What’s more, social media reports can lead to quick, clear and fast wins in litigations.

Insurance, criminal and civil litigation matters nearly always involve electronic evidence – with emails, computer files and even text messages the most commonly examined. But social media is fast becoming a regular – and critical – source of evidence too. We handle the identification, collection, authentication, search and production of content from all leading social media networking sites. That process generally includes:

  • Collection: Data is collected and indexed from social media streams, linked content and websites.
  • Authentication: Hash values are calculated and maintained, automated logging and reports are generated, and key metadata is captured.
  • Search: We perform broad searches across several accounts, streams and websites, and the results are sorted, tagged and exported.
  • Production: The data is maintained in a searchable format, which provides you with a complete platform to address social media in the same way you would other electronic data and devices.  
  • Analysis: The data is analyzed and investigated to locate any information that may be relevant to your case.

Read more about Social Media Investigations.

Trial Consulting

Quality eDiscovery Service Offerings don’t stop at the discovery phase.

Our team can help you build an effective litigation strategy by implementing research, psychology, technology, and experience to understand jurors’ and judges’ perceptions and attitudes. Through our partnership with Blueprint Trial Consulting, you only need one contact to manage all your eDiscovery needs, from the first legal hold to the final court decision.

Clients can select from several options the service(s) that will best assist their courtroom and/or settlement strategies:

  • Jury Research: Social science methodologies are used to reveal the unspoken prejudices, opinions and experiences that can influence jurors’ decisions. By introducing in-person and online jury research, mock trial simulations, jury profiling and community attitude surveys, the trial team is guided toward successful discovery, settlement and trial strategies.
  • Voir-dire Consulting: Our team helps create voir dire questions to uncover jurors’ predispositions and determine the risk of each potential juror ending up on the jury. Once the jury has been selected, we provide an analysis of each juror.
  • Shadow Jury: We create a shadow jury similar to the makeup of the actual jury to hear the same case heard each day in court by the actual jury members. We provide a daily report of the shadow jury’s feedback and offer recommendations for refining arguments.
  • Graphics consulting and Production: Graphics can educate and persuade decision-makers, proving to add significant value to cases. We offer creative strategies in presentation design, 3D modeling, accident reconstruction and much more.
  • Trial Technology: Organizing trial databases – including documents, photos and deposition transcripts – can be challenging, but extremely useful. We can assist in this organization and advise on the most effective courtroom presentation.
  • Witness Evaluation: It’s no secret that witnesses can either make or break a case. We will educate and properly train witnesses on effective verbal and non-verbal communication.

Read more about BIA’s Trial Consulting Services.

Data Breach Discovery™

There were 1,579 data breaches reported in 2017 alone, and each breach costs an average of $3.86 million. Data breaches are all too common and the rules and regulations about reporting them can be tricky – in fact, states are becoming more strict about the rules of reporting breaches. This is why we introduced Data Breach Discovery to assist in responding to cyber-attacks.

From small businesses to large corporations, Data Breach Discovery combines cybersecurity methodologies, eDiscovery technology and proven processes to quickly and cost-effectively identify data that may have been compromised during a breach and also notify those who were affected. Read our case studies to see some examples of how incredibly effective Data Breach Discovery can be.

Services include:

  • Non-disruptive data collection and assessment
  • Advanced text analytics
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Cutting-edge database analysis
  • End-to-end review services
  • Rigid quality control
  • Detailed understanding of privacy issues
  • Forensic investigation capabilities

Read more about Data Breach Discovery.

New eDiscovery Service Offering: Managed Office 365 Solutions

You know Microsoft Office 365 for its email and other business services, but with BIA’s Managed Office 365 Solutions, you can use the platform to manage legal holds, eDiscovery data sets, custodian identification and outside counsel billing.

As a Microsoft eDiscovery partner, we can help you save on eDiscovery costs while also improving efficiency and lowering risk.

Combining our technologies and processes with Office 365 helps you:

  • Automate legal hold management
  • Initiate matters with one click
  • Create and manage custodian lists
  • Outline email search protocols
  • Establish legal billing workflows
  • Lower your vendor and outside counsel spend
  • And much, much more

Read our article about how to maximize your use Office 365 for eDiscovery or check out the specifics of the BIA Managed Office 365 Solutions offering.

Interested in learning more about one of these services? Contact us today.