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Tag: Cost Control

Controlling costs in litigation and eDiscovery can mean the difference between coming in under budget and completely blowing a legal budget.  More companies are forcing their legal departments, law firms and eDiscovery vendors to keep costs low and to ensure value with legal technology services.

Explore informative BIA resources that help you determine how to keep eDiscovery costs low and litigation budgets intact.

Borderless eDiscovery

Performing complex eDiscovery outside the U.S. requires experience and knowledge as well as the right technology.

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Proactive eDiscovery

Proactive eDiscovery strategy helps reduce costs and minimize stress when litigation arises so having a Legal Event Response Team ready is key.

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Taming the Data Beast

Data volumes at corporations are ever-increasing and getting out of hand. BIA helps tame the data beast to control eDiscovery risks and costs.

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