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Tag: eDiscovery

eDiscovery resources such as blog posts, articles, webinars and case studies for corporate legal departments and law firms to become more informed about new trends, the right processes to use as professionals and for updated information about the field in general.

Speedy eDiscovery in a Pinch

Though typically the legal process allows for long schedules, sometimes litigation happens fast so the right combo of people and process is key.

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Taming the Data Beast

Data volumes at corporations are ever-increasing and getting out of hand. BIA helps tame the data beast to control eDiscovery risks and costs.

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eDiscovery Best Practices

As data volumes quickly grow and the legal system tries to keep up, BIA has created eDiscovery Best Practices that help manage the mayhem.

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GDPR, eDiscovery & Consent

GDPR is being taken very seriously by companies, primarily because of the steep fines for its violation. A key element to staying compliant is consent.

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How to Avoid Clawbacks

Needing to clawback inadvertently produced privileged documents is a way to save your case but also a procedure that every lawyer never wants to have to use.

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Pioneering eDiscovery

BIA has a unique approach to Discover, which is what has made it a pioneer in the field. Take a walk through some of what differentiates BIA.

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