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Tag: Legal Technology

Explore legal technology related resources and informative web pages about legal technology. Find information about legal technology such as helpful articles, services and best practices related to eDiscovery hosting platforms such as Relativity and legal hold software such as TotalDiscovery.

eDiscovery in Office 365

eDiscovery in Office 365 has become more mature and contains many features that help organizations perform in-house eDiscovery without the need to purchase expensive a...

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eDiscovery Hosting

BIA is a leading provider of secure eDiscovery hosting platforms such as Relativity and Reveal, managing millions of documents and thousands of users.

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Legal Technology

BIA has been at the forefront of the legal technology industry as an eDiscovery software developer and data hosting provider.

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The Basics of a Legal Hold

As a leader in providing smart legal hold solutions, BIA offers some key points to consider whether using software or manually managing holds.

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