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Tag: Litigation Hold

Issuing a litigation hold, sometimes referred to as a legal hold, within the company or among the parties to a dispute is one of the most important steps in the legal compliance process and ensures a strong position during discovery.

Parties stay protected when litigation holds are in place to reduce risks such as preventing document destruction and spoliation claims.

Explore BIA’s extensive resources related to litigation holds including educational webinars, articles and free litigation hold sample templates.

Litigation Hold Notice Template

A Litigation Hold Notice Template has many benefits, such as enabling you to streamline your next litigation and drive consistency throughout the process.

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Legal Holds

The BIA Glossary is a free eDiscovery and digital forensics resource designed for legal and IT professionals with industry-related terms such as legal hold, the proces...

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The Basics of a Legal Hold

As a leader in providing smart legal hold solutions, BIA offers some key points to consider whether using software or manually managing holds.

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