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A Quick, Effective Resolution to a Phishing Incident

resolving a phishing incident

Forensic response to resolve a phishing incident.

A medical research company experienced a data security incident caused by a phishing email. Several mailboxes were compromised and accessed by bad actors during that time.

BIA Data Breach Experts, working closely with the company’s legal dept and IT Security group were able to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively forensically gather and review a large amount of email data, spreadsheets and server logs using legally defensible methods and specialized tools.

By combining several key competencies — eDiscovery principles, advanced text analytics, cutting-edge database analysis and a detailed understanding of privacy issues — the team was able to cost-effectively review this large amount of data and resolve the incident in four days.

BIA Data Breach Services focus on results. We assist companies and law firms with the modern problems of cyber-security incident resolution.

Download the Full Case Study

Read the BIA Case Study about how to comb through large amounts of email data to reach a quick, effective resolution to a phishing incident.