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Speedy eDiscovery in a Pinch

speedy ediscovery

A terabyte of data in three business days.

Despite the popular saying, sometimes services and solutions can be fast, good and cost-effective!

Many times, legal departments and their lawyers struggle to get moving with eDiscovery processes, either because there are many moving parts involving stakeholders across the company or because parties are still in negotiations and attempting to work out settlements before being forced into the heavy-lifting of pursuing the litigation process.

These aspects all affect scheduling and activities that normally require long lead-times and that require other departments, such as gathering data across multiple digital asset sources like email systems, laptops and enterprise applications. For example, a service at which BIA excels, performing data collections for eDiscovery, requires coordination among internal IT, in-house legal, outside counsel and vendors.

This free case study details how nearly a terabyte of data was collected, including 2,700,000 documents processed, analyzed, culled down to 42,000 documents identified as potentially responsive with the relevant set then produced in only three business days.

Accuracy and comprehensive review were not compromised even though the entire process was completed in record time and all court deadlines were met.

Download the Full Case Study

Read the BIA Case Study to see how tight deadlines and volumes of data can be overcome with the right eDiscovery plan.

BIA is a leader in eDiscovery services and has been performing complex projects for nearly two decades in rapid fashion and under budget.