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Wage & Hour Matters

wage and hour matters

Avoiding corporate overtime cases.

The value of wage and hour lawsuits continues to increase, and BIA has helped many companies – including some of the nation’s largest corporations – save significant time and money on these litigation matters through our search and analytics technologies.

In this case study, learn how BIA set up protocols and secure technology to assess data we collected from more than 200 locations and 40,000 employees. 

Working with in-house counsel, BIA helped the company ensure compliance with wage and hour related preservation and discovery rules.

BIA has worked with many of the top labor and employment law firms to gain the experience needed to assist corporations to implement the right policies and procedures to avoid frivolous and damaging overtime cases.

Download the Full Case Study

Read the BIA Case Study to learn how to implement protocols to gather info from across the employee base without overburdening internal resources.