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About BIA

As an industry pioneer, BIA continues to set the standard for reliable, secure and cost-effective eDiscovery.

BIA was formed in 2002 as a computer forensics and eDiscovery company that creates and implements technology solutions to help our clients meet even their most challenging legal needs. For over two decades, we have been building and implementing defensible data preservation and discovery solutions. The maturity of BIA’s technologies, processes and experience in digital forensics and eDiscovery is critical to our clients when choosing the best platform and analytics to support their projects.

BIA excels in creating elegant methods for solving complex tasks. We have the right people and technology in place so our clients can work more efficiently and effectively. We take a unique technology-driven approach to solving our clients’ problems while maintaining a high standard of legal defensibility and focusing on cost control.

Company Overview

Name Business Intelligence Associates
Founded August 28, 2002
Industry Information Technology & Services
Type Privately Held
CEO Brian Schrader
Headquarters 39 Broadway 26th Floor
New York, NY 10006
Specialties Information Management
Digital & Computer Forensics
eDiscovery Services
Legal Document Review
Digital Investigations
Data Collection & Analysis
Data Breach Services
Social Media Investigations
Contact www.biaprotect.com
1 (888) 338-4242

Industry Leadership

BIA maintains its industry leadership as a top eDiscovery company by always improving technologies, efficiencies and workflows in this ever-developing technological environment.

As a premier digital forensics and eDiscovery firm with corporate clients that span a wide spectrum of industries, BIA helps clients succeed in courts of law, regulatory proceedings and legal and business transactions that require securely and defensibly managed data. So much of the discovery process requires experienced people and mature processes. At BIA, the people are top-notch and the processes are tried-and-true and well-accepted.

Indeed, for almost two decades, BIA’s advisors, investigators and technologists have been testifying as expert witnesses and submitting reports in many different types and scopes of legal and investigative matters.

BIA continues to protect its clients by consistently providing accurate and rapid results through our proven methods and top-notch customer service. Our services harmonize innovation with legal defensibility and cost control.

Mission, Vision & Guiding Principles

As a leading eDiscovery company, BIA delivers unparalleled service to our clients by delivering solutions for the management of digital evidence across the EDRM.

Our Mission

Company Mission We strive to exceed our clients' expectations, to never stop learning and innovating and to keep our guiding principles central to everything we do.

Our Vision

Company Vision To solve even the most complex eDiscovery needs with an unrivaled blend of outstanding customer service, talented professionals, innovative technologies and superior workflows.

Our Guiding Principles

Service Excellence Our clients are our #1 priority. We pledge to provide an outstanding client experience guided by a simple but powerful motto: Understand, Commit and Deliver. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs, take on those needs as our own and then not rest until those needs are met.
Client Protection Legal defensibility and security are in our DNA. Our roots in computer forensics, information security and the law mean defensibility and security are at the core of every decision we make, every process we design and every solution we offer.
Team Collaboration We build truly effective teams. We treat people with honesty, respect and professionalism. Today more than ever, we understand that success depends on building synergetic relationships between our team, our clients, counsel and others. Treating people right is key to building these relationships.
Transformative Solutions We create order from chaos. We balance obligations, innovation and cost to create repeatable, simple and affordable workflows. From swiftly collecting data anywhere in the world with unparalleled ease to efficiently and accurately analyzing, reviewing and producing that data, our comprehensive solutions deliver consistently reliable and defensible results at an affordable cost.
Industry Leadership We lead by example. More than 15 years ago, we introduced disruptive, innovative solutions that are still transforming the industry today. The passion that sparked those innovations has never faded, and we continuously work to help define standards, push innovation and serve as a beacon of excellence to our industry, our clients and ourselves.
Continuous Education We understand the importance of education. From our inception, we’ve offered educational programs that help raise the bar across the industry. Every BIA team member is motivated to seek training and certifications, resulting in one of the best-educated and most competent teams in the industry.

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