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Our History

Our History

BIA has a history of protecting companies, law firms and other organizations for nearly two decades.

Throughout its rich history of innovation and leadership, BIA has offered legally defensible, cost-effective and rapid eDiscovery and digital forensics services across a wide spectrum of matter types and industries.

BIA continues its leadership and independence in the industry with an impressive long-term client list, and its history validates that. Below is a timeline highlighting BIA as a standard-setter in the industry.

BIA’s Timeline

Leading the industry in the beginning, today and into the future.

Summer, 2002

BIA Founded

Founded as a computer forensics and litigation technology consulting firm in New York City.

Summer, 2003

Fair Pricing Industry Disruption

Having seen the waste that clients were being forced to pay, BIA was one of the first companies to bill for productions by data size as opposed to by page count.

Spring, 2004

DiscoveryBOT Collection Tool Created

BIA released the first light-touch live data collection tool, DiscoveryBOT®, which has since been used by a majority of the AmLaw200 and countless corporations to gather and collect data in a defensible manner without burdening IT or employees.

Winter, 2005

Pricing Predictability Guarantee

BIA was the first company to offer true pricing predictability by charging flat fees for data (ESI) collections on a per-custodian basis at the time when the industry pushed its highly protected hourly pricing model for people and machine time.

Spring, 2006

eDiscovery Grid Processing

BIA was one of few eDiscovery companies that designed and built its own grid-computing processing farm of computers, increasing its ESI processing capacity to close to 10 times what most of the industry could handle in a given day.

Summer, 2007

Corporate Legal Department Experts

BIA became a leading eDiscovery and digital investigations provider to medium and large companies because of its DNA — a combination of IT and legal skills among its service execution teams.

Fall, 2008

Managed Legal Document Review

BIA filled in its full EDRM offering by starting a managed review division in Western Michigan, which was pioneering in several key ways: It was the only managed review process to receive ISO27001 certification, all of the reviewers were licensed attorneys and, most importantly, they were full-time employees with all of the benefits and conveniences of regular BIA employees working on the technology, operations or project management side.


This was unique in the industry at the time and still is today, but it makes BIA one of the few companies that can deliver real predictability in the most expensive part of discovery — attorney review — by offering document-based managed review, including full analytics.

Summer, 2010

Early TAR Experts

BIA expanded its managed legal document review division to include a full suite of open-source, commercial and proprietary analytics technologies to bolster the human part of the legal document review, paving the path for BIA as one of the leading experts in numerous TAR and related analytics methods.

Spring, 2012

ESI Management Model in High Gear

BIA was managing massive privilege and issue databases across all matters for several corporate clients using specialized and automated review and production protocols. Today these databases also include PII and other privacy-related tracking.

Fall, 2014

TotalDiscovery eDiscovery Software Released

BIA released the company’s flagship preservation software as a SaaS product, which included legal hold features alongside data collection functionality.

Winter, 2015

SaaS Legal Hold Is a Success

Adoption of BIA’s TotalDiscovery SaaS solution happened fast, and within the first 18 months of launch, close to 50 Global2000® companies had purchased licenses and were actively integrating the software into their corporate legal operations.

Summer, 2016

Leveraged Cloud-based ESI Processing

BIA commercialized its long-used automated ESI processing platform and added a version of it to its SaaS solution, which used elastic indexing and cloud computing – not just a bunch of virtual machines hosted in the cloud.

Winter, 2017

Acquired USLS e-Discovery

BIA acquired the eDiscovery and Computer Forensics division of U.S. Legal Support, Inc., a company primarily engaged in the transcript business. Since then, BIA has grown that business by more than 40% and substantially increased its client satisfaction.

Summer, 2018

Self-Service Social Media Investigations

BIA launched a broader version of its Social Media Investigations service by offering a self-serve portal for insurance companies and other clients that required rapid, high-quality, confidential investigations across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

Winter, 2018

Launched Customer Service Excellence Program

For nearly 15 years, BIA has had a discrete and specialized offering for corporations. BIA corporate clients enjoy special benefits and heightened value from the way BIA manages their data across matters, including tracking costs and business-unit-related needs. Enterprise clients are protected throughout the discovery process because of the way BIA manages their data across matters.


Early in its life, the service relied on many more people and custom solutions. Today it uses fewer people and more automation, but two things have stayed consistent: customer service and our gold-standard process for eDiscovery and ESI management driven by good communication protocols and cost-saving techniques.

Spring, 2019

Office 365 Solutions

Managed services and consulting related to the Microsoft Office 365 Security and Compliance Center were more broadly launched, helping fill the gaps of several important eDiscovery features that are still missing from the MS Office 365 platform.

Spring, 2020

BIA-Microsoft Partnership adds to AppSource

BIA offers several MS integrated eDiscovery offerings for Office 365, Azure and MS Dynamics. Those solutions are found in the MS AppSource marketplace.

The Present

BIA continues to use innovative concepts, state-of-the-art technology and highly trained professionals, which are perfectly blended to handle even the most complex legal matters for corporations, governmental agencies and law firms. Through everything, we lower legal spend, provide security and defensibility and deliver efficient, accurate results, as we’ve done in the past and will continue to do in the future.

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