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Legal defensibility. Mature technology. Cost control.

BIA was formed as an eDiscovery company that creates and leverages advanced technology and expert solutions to help our clients make the best use of their data for legal, regulatory and investigative matters. From our background in litigation and digital forensics, to creating platforms like TotalDiscovery and DiscoveryBOT, to skillfully using the best analytics and review platforms in the industry, BIA excels in creating elegant, efficient methods for solving complex tasks.

Simply put, we have the right people and technology in place so our clients can work more efficiently and effectively.

BIA has the experience and practical knowledge to help you win.

BIA is a trusted eDiscovery and digital investigations provider to many companies and their law firms. We have a long history of partnering with our clients to help them succeed in the areas of complex litigation and digital forensics. Our professional services teams are experienced, our systems are secure and customer service is our priority.

BIA Has the Best Customer Service in the Industry

Yes, that is a bold, perhaps audacious statement. And we mean it. It seems more and more that customer service and support have taken a back seat to technology. Not at BIA. We believe technology requires a strong team of people supporting it. We work tirelessly and happily to assist our clients in any capacity needed, and we will not rest until our clients’ needs are met.

BIA Is a Full-Solution Provider

We offer truly end-to-end eDiscovery services – from legal holds to trial presentations, including forensic investigations and expert witness services.

BIA Provides the Right Solution for Your Needs

With our first-hand knowledge of and access to all the leading technology options, we’re able to tailor our approach to ensure that your data is managed securely and processes are streamlined.

BIA Makes Sure You See All the Angles

Every project that comes through our doors has access to our industry-leading advisory team, which is filled with experienced attorneys and forensic and technical specialists. We put our expertise to work for you, providing counsel and strategy to ensure your project is handled successfully.

BIA Has the Perfect Combination of People & Technology

BIA’s managed review team is an experienced group of in-house, licensed attorneys with an outstanding track record of efficiently, accurately and defensibly reviewing documents for some of the largest companies and law firms in the world. Our team can create a review strategy that will ensure the best use of your time – and money.

BIA Can Find That Digital Smoking Gun

From common computer and social media forensic investigations to complex intellectual property thefts, hacking incident investigations and much more, we have provided comprehensive forensic services since our founding in 2002. We stay up to date on the most advanced technologies and processes available to assure we can uncover the truth and get you the answers you need.

BIA Takes Data Security Seriously

As a company founded by legal, information security and digital forensics professionals, data security and defensibility have been in our corporate DNA from day one. That’s why many Fortune 100 and AmLaw 500 companies – including highly regulated healthcare and financial entities – trust the safe and secure management of their data to BIA. We have comprehensive and stringent quality control procedures to ensure that the right documents are produced (and the privileged documents stay that way) every time.

BIA’s eDiscovery Services & Platforms Work the Way You Think

Our platforms, processes and solutions are easy to work with and backed by our top-notch project management team, taking the guesswork out. Everything we do works together to provide a simple, streamlined process that gives our clients complete control of their data and saves them up to millions of dollars every year.

BIA Gets the eDiscovery Monkey Off Your Back

Whether rapidly responding to a matter already in progress or developing proactive eDiscovery and litigation readiness plans, we work closely with our clients, their counsel and other stakeholders to create efficient, affordable and comprehensive solutions that make their lives easier.

BIA Lives By Its Mission, Vision & Guiding Principles

BIA would be nothing without our dedicated, hard-working employees. To learn more about what guides our work, take a look at our mission, vision and guiding principles.
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