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Technology Assisted Review (TAR)

Technology Assisted Review (TAR) is a term specific to eDiscovery and the legal document review process. It is becoming a standard way of managing legal document review in the litigation process. EDRM at Duke Law has released TAR guidelines that have become an industry standard.

TAR is the process of using certain digital indexing and classification systems to organize and tag data and electronic documents, with assistance from humans. Those humans are typically trained, professional legal document reviewers.

How does TAR relate to eDiscovery?

For many companies with active litigation profiles, using technology assisted review as part of the legal document review process has shortened discovery timelines and reduced outside counsel costs.

eDiscovery service providers, legal review companies and law firms have all embraced some flavor of TAR as a standard part of the legal document review process and most eDiscovery hosting platforms have built-in TAR functionality.