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BIA Podcast on Data Breach Discovery™: Part 1 of 4 (Overview)

In case you missed it:  in July 2019, BIA released a podcast with ACEDS all about Data Breach Discovery™.  You may know about BIA's expert DBD service line, but we encourage you to check out the discussion on the ACEDS site.  This overview is the first installment in a series of podcasts all about the process.   

You'll hear from BIA's own Mark MacDonald, Senior Vice President of Business Development, and Ryan Bilbrey, Managing Director and Founder of Reckoning Consulting, as well as Mary Mack, Executive Director at ACEDS. 

Coming up, BIA will release more podcast discussions about Data Breach Discovery.  There are three distinct phases of the process that each warrant their own discussion:  first, forensic investigation of a breach incident; second, assessing the data set and capturing private information; and third, notifications and government reporting.  This is all crucial information that affects all businesses and organizations operating in today's technology landscape – so, start here and arm yourself with our expertise!

Read about Data Breach Discovery here.  Listen to the podcast conversation here

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