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Hot Topics in eDiscovery

Webinar Posted in: eDiscovery |
Jul 30, 2019

Modern eDiscovery, whether for litigation, regulatory or internal investigation purposes, involves much more than the old world of files and emails stored only on servers, laptops and desktops. Indeed, if you are limiting your experience to just that, you’re likely missing out on the most meaningful and revealing information sources available.

Today’s eDiscovery processes must address a multitude of potential data sources that’s increasing in size and scope every day. From social media and chat applications to cloud storage and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the challenge today isn’t just collecting that data, but first figuring out what solutions, systems, devices, apps and more are used and where all the associated data resides. 

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • The importance of focusing on preservation first – it’ll make or break your case!
  • Social Media Discovery™
  • Identifying and preserving data from third party providers and cloud-based applications 
  • International data collections – what you need to know about GDPR 
  • Electronic custodian questionnaires – a new twist on an essential process
  • Artificial intelligence (“AI”) software – what does it really do and how effective is it?  
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  • Hot Topics in eDiscovery Webinar

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