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How to Have a Successful Document Review – Every Time

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Sep 11, 2017

BIA will provide expert tips during ACEDS webinar on Sept. 26

By Lisa Prowse and Barry Schwartz 

The document review phase of the eDiscovery process can be a big expense in terms of both time and costs. It often becomes quite confusing too, with various options proposed to solve the “review problem” in different ways, from using contract attorneys or technology-assisted review (TAR) to outsourcing the work to low-cost foreign providers and more. While such things may factor into helping control and reduce the review process costs, none of them are a “magic pill” in and of themselves, especially when viewed in a vacuum.

The problem is often further complicated when document review is seen as a stand-alone process, apart from the entire electronic discovery reference model (EDRM). That approach fails to leverage the knowledge gained not just in earlier phases of the eDiscovery process, but from related or prior matters too. The most successful document review projects rely on everything that happened during the previous steps of the EDRM to assure a quality, cost-effective result.

To truly address the “review problem”, every company or law firm should examine all of the potential solutions, determine which will work best for their particular needs and data types and ultimately develop a standard eDiscovery process that becomes the standard approach for their cases. It’s no secret in business that developing standard, tested and reliable processes helps control costs, increase quality and ensure success. The eDiscovery process should be subject to the same evaluation.

At BIA, we help our clients create a customized “eDiscovery playbook” – a comprehensive outline for the entire process, with protocols governing everything from legal holds through production and delivery. The playbook also ensures document reviews are streamlined and efficient, so even though every review has different needs and requirements, there is an overall, consistent approach.

Every piece of the eDiscovery process – information management, technology, project management and more – has an important part to play to ensure that the time and costs spent on document review are minimized.

Want to learn more about how you can conquer the document review process? Here’s your chance!

Join us on Tuesday, September 26 for an ACEDS-hosted webinar entitled, “Document Review: The EDRM’s Final Frontier.” During the informative session, we will be joined by Emily Cobb from Ropes & Gray to discuss best practices for document review. We will cover such topics as: 

  • eDiscovery roadmap preparation
  • Data and production protocols
  • Defining and working with search terms
  • Predictive coding usage (including TAR, CAL, AI, etc.)
  • Choosing the right blend of technology and people for each unique review
  • And more!

More information is below.

What: Webinar - “Document Review: The EDRM’s Final Frontier” 

When: Tuesday, September 26, 2017, 1-2 PM EST 

Who: Panelists include: 

  • Emily A. Cobb, Esq. – Senior Attorney, Ropes & Gray
  • Barry Schwartz, Esq., CEDS – VP, Advisory Services, BIA
  • Lisa Prowse, Esq., CEDS – VP, Legal Services & Document Review, BIA

Hosted by: ACEDS

If you’d like to learn more about how to approach, plan for and execute a successful document review, don’t miss this free webinar!