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Managing eDiscovery In-House

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Jan 12, 2016

Robin Athlyn Thompson, CEDS, IGP, CIP, IGP and Brian Schrader, Esq., Blog Contributors

This month, BIA kicks off our 2016 Knowledge Leadership Series of webinars. Our 2016 series features in-house experts who will share their experience­­­ in issues that arise when managing eDiscovery and ESI at the corporate level.  There is no better topic of discussion to begin this series than a look at how more and more corporations are establishing their own eDiscovery units. This webinar will feature Ben Robbins, eDiscovery and Information Governance at LinkedIn, who is presenting “Establishing Corporate Discovery Units.”  

It is no longer a surprise to see data and articles informing us that more and more corporations are establishing in-house discovery management teams. Nor is it a surprise to see that corporations are managing the oversight of, and making direct decisions regarding, ESI and discovery management for the organization. This has been a trend that we first began monitoring in 1992 when DuPont established a legal model that resulted in substantial litigation cost savings and a shortened lifecycle of litigation. We’re still talking about that model nearly 25 years later.

What we are seeing more of these days is a trend for mid-size and smaller corporations to establish their own teams to do this work rather than rely on outside counsel.  

Over the last decade or so, we have based much of our market forecast on hiring trends.  We have seen more and more positions advertised in corporations for eDiscovery positions, and those job descriptions have revealed 6 communities of practice that are routinely a part of the eDiscovery process.

In fact, just in the last 2 weeks, our review of hiring trends shows 26 companies advertising for eDiscovery personnel requiring experience or certifications in records management (CRM) and governance (IGP); security and privacy certifications (CISSP for example); and/or risk management backgrounds, IT certifications, or legal   experience/eDiscovery experience including the CEDS designation.  

Another interesting trend we observe occurs here with our educational series. Since we began this series in 2012, more and more of our webinar attendees come from these same business areas.  And that trend continues into our daily business, where over 90% of our work at BIA today is directly for corporate clients.  

And, in fitting with that focus on these areas, nearly all our corporate clients have taken control of at least the left side of the EDRM, managing legal holds, data collections and preservation and ECA tasks in-house using our TotalDiscovery solution. Indeed, most of those corporate clients are also centralizing all of their review hosting and attorney review with BIA as well to further keep close control of the entire process.  

By doing so, not only do are corporations able to leverage their legal spend across matters, but often more importantly, they have complete control of their enterprise data throughout the eDiscovery process – an issue of more and more importance as organizations develop a more holistic approach to their organizational eDiscovery and information management processes.  

We look forward to you joining us for this exciting webinar and hearing your feedback on your experience in building corporate eDiscovery teams.

Note: Registration for this webinar is now closed. It can be viewed here.