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Risks & Responsibilities: The Ethics of Legal Holds

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Jan 16, 2018

control-writing-work-official-45905Do you know your legal ethical duty when it comes to properly preserving information in the event of an actual or anticipated litigation, regulatory investigation or other legal event?

In this webinar with our partner, ACEDS, we discuss the ethics of litigation holds and give you the insight and guidance you need to implement and manage legal holds defensibly. This is one of our most popular annual programs, and in the updated 2018 version our speakers covered:

  • What the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and ABA Model Rules have to say about legal holds.
  • Key FRCP 2015 changes and how they impact legal hold responsibilities.
  • Important court rulings addressing legal hold practices, including decisions outlining attorney obligations regarding legal holds and potential ethical pitfalls.
  • The essential steps to ensure a successful legal hold process.
  • Using automated solutions to distribute and manage legal holds.
  • ...and more!

We shared best practices and guidelines to ensure your legal hold process is clear, comprehensive and correct. This webinar is for anyone involved with legal holds, litigation or eDiscovery.

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  • Risks & Responsibilities: The Ethics of Legal Holds

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