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ROI and the Corporate Legal Department

Blog Posted in: Review | eDiscovery |
Mar 15, 2016

Blog Contributor: Robin Athlyn Thompson CEDS IGP CIP IG

Many of us dislike analyzing performance metrics, but, just as with other business units in the organization, the legal department must assess its operations and streamline processes. The benefit of this exercise is a more streamlined legal department that can become a contributor to the profitability of the entire organization. This is achieved through the analysis of performance metrics.

The need to reduce the operating costs of its legal department was the basic premise of the most well-known example of how the use of analytics can lead to dramatic improvements in the function of a corporate legal department – the DuPont Legal Model.

In 1992, DuPont made the decision to do an analysis of its legal department metrics (internal performance, vendor partnerships, and law firm relationships) to determine how internal processes and utilization of partners could be improved. Through a review of the analytics of its operations, improvements to processes, workflows, and relationships were made which resulted in a shortened lifecycle of litigation and the substantial reduction of the cost of managing its operation. The DuPont Legal Model has served as a guide for other corporations, large and small, to take control of managing their litigation, outside vendor partners, and outside counsel. It serves as a model for the standard of program evaluation and best practices for corporate legal departments by showing how the use of performance analytics can lead to greater departmental efficiency.

As we at BIA watch corporations of all sizes take control of their legal processes by bringing them in-house or being directly involved in decisions affecting litigation and regulatory inquiry, we wanted to present a program devoted to performance analytics and the modern corporate law department. Our featured speaker this month is Brett Tarr, Esq., eDiscovery Counsel for Caesar’s Entertainment, who has devoted a significant amount of his career to the study of analytics for efficient management of corporate legal departments. We invite you to join us this Thursday, March 17th, at 1 pm Eastern for this great discussion on how analytics can be used to improve the corporate legal firm.

Note: Registration is now closed. The webinar can be viewed here.