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Seven E-Discovery Considerations for Law Firms (Law Technology Today)

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Apr 24, 2018

Law Technology Today – April 24, 2018

Law tech todayCases involving eDiscovery are on the rise, according to American Bar Association’s recent Legal Technology Survey Report. And as a result, many law firms are considering bringing eDiscovery in-house with hopes to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

To do eDiscovery well is almost like an art form, and there’s a fine line for knowing when and how to bring the practice in-house. Bringing it internally can alleviate outside expenses and give you more control over your clients’ data—or, it can lead to higher discovery costs, more chaos and increased risk. That’s why it’s critical to understand when it’s beneficial to bring eDiscovery in-house, versus when you need the help of an outside vendor.

BIA's Brian Schrader shares 7 considerations for bringing eDiscovery in-house.

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