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WOW! Award Program: Catching Up With Our 2017 Winners (Part One)

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Dec 19, 2017

At BIA, we’re proud of the strong emphasis we place on our company culture – and there’s no better example of that focus than in our WOW! Award program, which celebrates individual team members who demonstrate our Guiding Principles. WOW! Award recipients are selected for providing inspired service, going above and beyond to meet a critical deliverable or deadline, showing outstanding teamwork or otherwise completing tasks with excellence, quality and creativity. Any of our team members can nominate a colleague. Winners receive notes of personal gratitude, company-wide recognition, 2 days of extra PTO and a $1,000 bonus.

To wrap up 2017, we thought it would be fun to check in with all of our WOW! Award winners from the past year. We asked them about their roles with BIA, why our culture is so important and tips for employees of any organization on how they can start WOW-ing their own colleagues.

Our list is long (we like recognizing our team members!) so we’re breaking up our conversation with award winners into two blogs. Without further ado, below is part one of our Q&A with our 2017 winners, featuring Leah Greene, Aaron Boone, Joe Mosely, Cody Betush and Mike Molner.


Leah Greene, Sales Operations Administrator

Nominated in the Team Collaboration and Transformative Solutions categories for help with the migration of Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and her thought leadership on the new platform. 

With BIA since: 2011

On her background and role: I worked in marketing and IT before BIA, but I wear many hats here, including CRM training and compliance-related tasks, RFP responses, event coordination and sales training, as well as the management of marketing materials, collateral creation and promotional items.

On advice for others looking to go above and beyond in their own work: Take time to double-check your work and ensure quality deliverables whether the ask is something small or big. Take initiative. Really embrace your entire team and culture to see the best way you can step in.

On the culture at BIA: There’s an attitude of “work hard, play hard” here, and it’s that way because of our family-like team culture – as well as the fact that we are all committed to the same goals and take time to appreciate each other and celebrate our hard work. As far as educational initiatives go, we hold weekly lunch-and-learns and CLE opportunities for relevant topics are offered and supported.

On her hobbies: Cooking/baking, arts, travel, exploring, hiking

On how she used/will use her WOW Award: I used my award to take my husband to a nice dinner on our honeymoon, as well as other stuff!


Aaron Boone, Staff Attorney

Nominated in the Service Excellence, Client Protection and Team Collaboration categories for his account work setting up specific searches and batched document sets, and for fielding demanding requests on a tight timeline to allow the client to meet its court-ordered production deadline.

With BIA since: 2010

On his background and role: After law school, I took a temp position reviewing documents for a project with a large law firm. During that project, I met a BIA employee, and a couple weeks after the project ended, I interviewed at BIA. The rest is history. I started as a document review attorney in Managed Review Services. In March of 2013, I moved over to the Review Solutions department, where I currently am today. I work with our clients and our project managers daily to assist in having the most streamlined document review possible. I handle the uploading of documents to our review tools and advance search creation, among other things.

On advice for others looking to go above and beyond in their own work: What might be a minor inconvenience for you could mean the world to our client. Have I been woken up at 1 AM in the morning by an urgent email from one of our clients, rolled out of bed and handled their request? Absolutely. You never know what simple act, such as this, will be the reason they come back to BIA with their next project.

On the culture at BIA: Working at BIA is very much like working with your family. I believe that each individual employee is respected and valued. I also love the flexibility. I’m a high school wrestling coach, and BIA has worked with me on creating a schedule that allows me to continue my passion as a coach. If I have a sick child, I am encouraged to stay with them and work from home. I continue to go above and beyond, because BIA has gone above and beyond with their flexibility. I serve our clients, as BIA has served me.

On his hobbies: As I mentioned, I coach wrestling. I’m also a crazy fan of University of Michigan athletics. I enjoy fishing and spending time with my family.

On how he used/will use his WOW Award: I bought myself a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartwatch. The rest went into our family vacation fund.


Joe Mosely, Senior Project Manager

Nominated in the Service Excellence and Team Collaboration categories for his work under some extremely tight deadlines and consistently outstanding communications with both client and outside counsel.

With BIA since: 2012

On his background and role: I’ve been in the industry since 2001. I’ve worked as a technical/imaging/print supervisor, project manager and litigation support specialist at a law firm. My daily duties at BIA include project analysis, budget control, monitoring the process of multiple projects from beginning to end, database and data analysis, client interaction and more. I also work with sales and various departments to develop strategy and required resources on specific projects.

On advice for others looking to go above and beyond in their own work: Continue to learn. I always tell people this: “I was a sponge. I constantly learned all I could throughout my journey and am still learning today.” The more you know the more you’ll grow. This will allow you to be able to become a great asset and leader within your organization. You will be able to make great things happen. Learning is key!

On the culture at BIA: The culture here is different than at any other company I’ve ever worked. The biggest two reasons are team collaboration and continuing education, which are part of BIA’s Guiding Principles. We have weekly luncheons to discuss our mission statements. In addition, BIA provides information and insight on the inner workings of our organization, including new technology, company goals and employee development. We work as a team and are allowed unlimited resources to assist the development and growth of each employee. BIA encourages their employees to acquire certifications in different aspects of the forensics and eDiscovery business to bring a large value to the organization and individual.

The environment is also friendly and inviting and everyone is professional, which allows a relaxed and family-feel environment. There is teamwork and everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand. Everyone’s door is open (including the president’s). It is encouraged that if you have any questions or concerns you can just knock and someone is willing to listen.

On his hobbies: Exercise (weight lifting and running), video games, sports (basketball and football), travel, board games

On how he used/will use his WOW Award: I’ve used the reward money to treat my wife to a romantic dinner and assist in some of our travels.


Cody Betush, Litigation Technology Specialist

A two-time WOW! Award winner in 2017 – Nominated twice in Service Excellence and once in Team Collaboration categories for his dedication, effort and above-and-beyond work, staying up into the night and on weekends batching and sorting document sets, even if the projects were outside of his normal duties.

With BIA since: 2013

On his background and role: Following law school, I was hired by BIA as a document reviewer in their Portage, Mich. office. After a few years I transitioned to the Review Solutions team as a specialist. I work directly with clients as well as our project managers. Among the daily tasks of maintaining the various review platform databases, we receive requests from clients, and I take a personal stake in each one to see it through to the end. I have developed many in-house solutions that we continue to use to date.

On advice for others looking to go above and beyond in their own work: It’s kind of simple in my eyes: Be thorough. I treat every task this way.

On the culture at BIA: The culture here is dedicated to excellence, whether it’s internal or external work. But what makes the culture special to me is the continued education component. The Thursday lunch-and-learn program is exceptional. I love that this job is super flexible and keeps me on my toes, keeps me sharp; I rarely have the same task.

On his hobbies: I love creating. I bought a fixer-upper two years ago. What free time I do have is devoted to remodeling my home from the ground up.

On how he used/will use his WOW Award: I put both WOW awards and the extra PTO hours into my remodeling projects at my house.


Mike Molner, Document Review Attorney

Nominated in the Service Excellence and Industry Leadership categories for working overtime to make sure that BIA met a client’s deadline and for being flexible with last-minute demands from outside counsel.

With BIA since: 2011

On his background and role: After college, I went into marketing for 12 years at various banks.  I had always wanted to go to law school, so I decided to leave banking and pursue my law degree. I did solo work for a couple of years before joining BIA permanently in 2011. I work as a team lead for various legal matters. We review documents in ongoing cases to assess them for relevance and privilege, along with identifying and categorizing matter-specific issues.

On advice for others looking to go above and beyond in their own work: It sounds cliché, but give 100 percent. I treat my job at BIA as a career and not just a way to earn a check. When I am working with outside counsel, I am always trying to find ways to be as responsive as possible and streamline a review.  This can include working some weekends and late nights when an emergency comes up, but that is what is needed to meet a tight deadline and provide the service excellence to our clients that they have come to expect from BIA.

On the culture at BIA: BIA’s company culture is flexible for work/life balance and is built around teamwork. Managers really listen to your feedback and have an open-door policy. They are always willing to meet and collaborate on possible new ideas to better perform our jobs. We are encouraged and given ample opportunity for education in our fields.  As an example, BIA just sponsored and paid for multiple people, including myself, to become Certified e-Discovery Specialists.

On his hobbies: I love spending time with my family – from doing activities through Boy Scouts to going to the gym with my kids.  I am an avid Michigan State fan, and I enjoy traveling, preferably somewhere warm!

On how he used/will use his WOW Award: I used my award to pay for part of a trip to Puerto Rico.

Stay tuned to our blog for part two of our Q&A with the 2017 WOW! Award winners.

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