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WOW Award Program: Catching Up With Recent Winners

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Dec 4, 2018

At BIA, we care deeply about our company culture and our people. We established our WOW! Award program to recognize team members who demonstrate our Guiding Principles – Service Excellence, Client Protection, Team Collaboration, Transformative Solutions, Industry Leadership and Continuous Education. Any team member can nominate a colleague, and winners receive a note of gratitude, company-wide recognition, two days of extra PTO and a $1,000 bonus.

We recently caught up with our latest winners and asked them a few questions about their work, their advice for others looking to go the extra mile and – most exciting – what they did or plan to do with their award bonus.

Below are our conversations with award-winning team members Jeanette Flynn, James Martin, Stephen Perih and Mike Hutchinson:


Jeanette Flynn, Sales Special Operations 

BIA Wow Awards

Nominated for being a “go-to person” when anyone on her team – and others – needs help, providing “constant support” and assistance wherever she can.

With BIA since: 2015

On her background and role: I am the executive assistant to the SVP of Business Development, Mark MacDonald, and I serve as the sales team liaison. I support Mark with personal and professional activities as well as client management tasks. I also assist the sales team with internal matters and client management tasks.

On advice for others looking to go above and beyond in their own work: Education – continue to improve your professional skills, keep on learning. If you know the position you are seeking, continue focused upon that path. If you are not sure what you want as your end goal, then speak to others in your field to get a grasp on relevant opportunities you may be interested in.

On the ways BIA succeeds in promoting its guiding principles, mission and vision: BIA honestly places its clients first, ensuring the clients’ needs are protected and supported through the entire EDRM process. BIA is a diverse company that supports and encourages employee growth within our organization, maintaining a company culture that lends itself to strong team ethics, where all employees feel encouraged and supported by their colleagues, and the company as well.

On the culture at BIA: BIA considers itself to truly be a career family and we all seek to help each other in any way necessary, ensuring our coworkers are aware we can reach out to each other whenever the need arises and in doing so, will find many colleagues and management ready to help.

On her favorite part of working at BIA: The adherence to our Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles.

On her hobbies: I am a freelance artist and enjoy volunteering my time for community and global causes.

On how she used/will use her WOW Award: I took myself on vacation to Southern California. Thank you Team BIA!


James Martin, Data Service Technician 

BIA Wow Awards

Nominated because even when “inundated” with work, James “has delivered excellent work, every time,” showing an amazing – and greatly appreciated – dedication to getting the job done and keeping our clients happy.

With BIA since: 2017

On his background and role: I have worked in this industry for seven years and am considered one of the best in my field in Denver. Day-to-day tasks include:

  • Scanning, copying and printing sensitive archival documents and exhibits
  • Duplicating CDs/DVDs/flash drives
  • Preparing court documents while adhering to specific attorney/paralegal instructions
  • Timely pick up/drop off of documents
  • 100% litigation support

On advice for others looking to go above and beyond in their own work:

  1. Communication is key
  2. Disregard excuses and search for/create solutions
  3. Keep a positive attitude (clients always remember that)

On the ways BIA succeeds in promoting its guiding principles, mission and vision: THE BIA WAY!!!! – which, to me means that we educate our clients about our company’s capabilities to help us help them with whatever services they may require.

On the culture at BIA: Our team is innovative, is detail-oriented and places a high importance on client education/exceeding clients’ expectations.

On his favorite part of working at BIA: The ability to reach out to others across the company to ask questions/receive information.

On his hobbies:

  1. Smoking pork and beef ribs, pork shoulders, and whole chickens
  2. Attending/watching my beloved Denver Broncos football games
  3. Annual invite for friends/family stock pot crawfish/crab leg boil

On how he used/will use his WOW Award: College books/tuition for my daughter (who’s a freshman here at Metropolitan State College). It’s already gooooooone!!!


Stephen Perih, National Account Director 

BIA Wow Awards

Nominated for “constantly going above and beyond” in not only helping other members of the sales team, but in energetically and enthusiastically tackling tasks far outside his sales role, like helping scout talent for and managing foreign document review projects and more, often including middle-of-the-night phone calls with overseas reviewers and the like.

With BIA since: 2016

On his background and role: I have been at BIA for almost two years and have been a WOW Award recipient twice now. I am a national account director, which is fancy verbiage for “sales.” I have one job at BIA, and that is to produce revenue. I expand my current client base with new services and offerings and identify new clients who will be in need of BIA’s eDiscovery and managed review offerings.

Prior to being recruited by BIA, I worked at a large litigation support company. During my previous employment I learned what I did not “want” in my future. Sales is a notoriously cut-throat industry. Even in a large market, like New York City, your “colleagues” will contact your clients, friends, prospects and actively try to steal your intellectual property – while smiling at you and asking if you want to grab dinner. It is not that way at BIA.

On advice for others looking to go above and beyond in their own work: It’s essential to help others, even in situations that may not benefit you financially. Going above and beyond to help others with their projects can give you an added knowledge that in turn helps you with your own projects, even if the result isn’t immediate.

On the ways BIA succeeds in promoting its guiding principles, mission and vision: Our executives succeed in this every day in the time they put into making the company a great place. It’s rare to be able to knock on a CEO’s door and get advice – but at BIA, that’s the norm. Our executives live out the guiding principle of excellence of service – specifically to employees. And because of that, we are inspired to provide the same service and availability to our clients.

On the culture at BIA: BIA is a different animal. But more aptly, BIA is more like an animal whose evolution will be written up in scientific journals 1,000 years from now. The culture is about collaboration. This may not seem shocking to ANY other industry, but, in sales, this is an evolutionary change.

On his favorite part of working at BIA: People actually help each other. And while there is no such thing as altruism, the BIA sales culture is about as close as you can get to this model. People go out of their way, even against their own personal and monetary interests, to help each other achieve success. This is rare. And this is what I believe the leadership at BIA intended. But more importantly, have achieved. It’s why no one leaves. In a world of LinkedIn recruitment offers and poorly written promises of hope, the BIA principles – and how they’re truly lived out every day in our offices – allow you to hit the delete button without question. It’s truly a refreshing and empowering feeling.

On his hobbies: I am an avid “do nothing” person. Literally, doing nothing is my hobby. And I am quite good at it.

On how he used/will use his WOW Award:

In addition to being really good at doing nothing (see above), I am afraid of jellyfish. (I mean come on, I don’t want to be in the water and have some invertebrate touch me and suddenly need to go to the hospital. My fear would infer that I prefer lakes, rather than the beach. But, I don’t. Lakes are gross. The nasty feeling when you put your feet into that squishy bottom layer is WORSE than jellyfish). To that end, the money I received from the BIA WOW award was immediately exchanged for euros for an upcoming beach vacation…


Mike Hutchinson, Litigation Technology Analyst 

BIA Wow Awards

Nominated for going above and beyond in everything he does. He is always looking to “improve processes, usefulness and efficiency anywhere he can.”

With BIA since: 2009

On his background and role: After graduating from the University of Michigan in 1987, I spent several years working at various ski resorts in Michigan and Colorado. Eventually I ended up going to law school where after graduation I spent a year working as a judicial clerk in Midland, MI, and working as an associate at an insurance defense law firm in Saginaw, MI, specializing in personal injury defense and insurance coverage litigation. In 2003, I returned to Kalamazoo, MI, and opened my solo practice law firm where I concentrated on estate planning and administration and representing builders and developers.

As a litigation technology analyst at BIA, I am involved with the actual review of documents based on review protocols that are developed by BIA, the client and the client’s outside counsel. I am also asked from time to time to work with the client and their outside counsel to develop review protocols and lead review projects.

On advice for others looking to go above and beyond in their own work: Two things come to mind. First, pay attention to details and put all your focus on the task at hand. That is how you provide service excellence. Second, continuously look for ways to improve the process for whatever task you are working on. That is how transformative solutions are found.

On the ways BIA succeeds in promoting its guiding principles, mission and vision: BIA succeeds in promoting its guiding principles, mission and vision with technology, like Microsoft Teams, which promotes team collaboration.

On the culture at BIA: BIA supports its employees in both professional and personal matters. For instance, I am on the planning committee for a local running race in Kalamazoo. When I approached management about a sponsorship opportunity, BIA stepped up and offered support for the race and the local non-profit organization that was the race’s charity partner.

On his favorite part of working at BIA: I like the variety of subject matters that our clients’ projects present to the team.

On his hobbies: Running – I have run 20 half marathons and just finished my third full marathon in early November; reading; and cheering on the Michigan Wolverines – GO BLUE!

On how he used/will use his WOW Award: I will probably use my reward for an entry fee and travel for a race in some exotic location in 2019.