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Data Breach Services

Data Breach Services

Fast, accurate, effective PII identification and reporting.

BIA can help companies that have been compromised by a data breach, whether because of a malicious cyber incident or inadvertently by an employee. Data breach situations need to be resolved quickly and correctly, while avoiding any regulatory action or litigation.

Costly Brand Damage

Some of the most expensive aspects of a data breach are the clean-up activities and damage to your brand.

The follow-up to a data breach requires fast, clear communication to all parties involved. BIA’s data breach services are designed and executed to ensure that any security incident is handled successfully without creating additional risks.

Otherwise, the organization could be accused of intentionally holding back information, which can cause further damage or bring about litigation.

Effective data breach management should only be provided by an experienced company. BIA’s data breach services rapidly and accurately identify relevant documents and data for the data breach investigation, remediation and management.

BIA’s data breach services also include a critical review to ensure no PII is misused during the data breach follow-up and investigatory stages.

Most data breach response offerings don’t offer the important step of identifying affected individuals. That creates added work for the organization. The exposure of just 25 email accounts can yield more than one million documents — which would all need to be reviewed manually before individuals can be properly notified.

BIA leverages its experience, tools and expertise in eDiscovery and digital investigations services to protect PII and help bring a swift end to the data breach process.

Data Breaches by the Numbers

1,473 Incidents

Data Breaches in 2019 for the US


Private records exposed


Increase in exposed private records in 2019 over 2018

$3.92 million

Typical Cost of a Data Breach for a company

BIA Data Breach Services

  • Non-disruptive data collection and assessment
  • Advanced text analytics
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Cutting-edge database analysis
  • End-to-end review services
  • Rigid quality control
  • Detailed understanding of privacy issues
  • Forensic investigation capabilities

Identify Sensitive Information

BIA’s data breach services combine cybersecurity methodologies, eDiscovery technology and proven processes to quickly, securely and cost-effectively identify what personal and sensitive data may have been affected in a breach.

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Data Breach Discovery

Don't go at it alone. Put BIA on your side.

There are three distinct phases of the process that each warrant their own discussion:

First, forensic investigation of a breach incident.

Second, assessing the data set and capturing private information.

Third, notifications and government reporting.

It’s a matter of if, not when, a company will be affected by a data breach. Make sure you are prepared so your organization doesn’t lose additional time and money in the process. Contact us today.

Learn how BIA's Data Breach Discovery can help you quickly, accurately and cost-effectively respond to a data breach.

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