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Digital Investigation Services

Digital Investigations

Experience and the right tools are required to perform digital investigations in the modern era. BIA delivers both.

Digital investigations today include the analysis of information from many digital sources – not only traditional systems such as computers and laptops, but also mobile phones, tablets, cloud systems and social media sites.

Critical sources of information may be used as part of an investigation — whether an internal corporate investigation or as part of a lawsuit — or regulatory matter such as a civil investigative demand (CID).

BIA's Digital Investigation Services

Our digital forensics investigators have years of traditional investigative experience in both the civil and law enforcement fields, and the know-how and associated specialized tools and software to find the smoking gun across many system types — from servers to social media systems.

Let BIA help you find hidden data, deleted files, system usage information and other digital objects that can be used as evidence in your case or regulatory matter.

Digital & Computer Forensics

As a pioneer in computer forensics, BIA has successfully created, used and standardized investigative techniques and has testified about computer and digital forensics.

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Social Media Investigations

From insurance claims analysis to HR hiring checks, BIA has the experience and specialized tools to investigate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

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Mobile Phone Investigations

Mobile phones are ubiquitous and used by people in all industries. Don't ignore data from mobile and smart phones as part of your lawsuit or internal investigation.

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Your Digital Private Investigator

Analyzing modern systems such as smartphones, tablets and cloud apps.

Online private investigations are carried out by BIA digital experts using specialized computer forensics tools and IT security software to quickly make determinations based on the digital footprint and evidence presented.

When hiring a cyber investigator, our clients rely on BIA because of our experience and reputation as experts in digital investigations and computer forensics.

BIA assists clients with all manner of cyber investigations and online private investigations, including all of the specialized logistics required for digital evidence gathering and data management for follow-on legal needs.

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BIA has been providing digital investigation services since its inception and has been involved in thousands of digital investigations.

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Online and Offline Investigations

Experience, specialized tools and advanced protocols.

Digital investigations, managed by experienced investigators, are part and parcel of the BIA DNA and have been a core service since the founding of the company.

BIA investigators have been successful pioneers in the fields of digital forensics and eDiscovery by creating, using and standardizing key investigative techniques and testifying related to computer and digital forensics.

Some of those pioneering techniques include remote forensically sound data gathering from laptops, servers and smartphones, as well as specialized disk carving techniques for RAIDed servers and other large-volume data storage systems.

Our team of experts stands ready to support clients in finding the facts and uncovering the truth from:

  • Laptops and Servers
  • Databases and Enterprise Systems
  • Mobile Devices and Smartphones
  • Smart Speakers, Watches and IoT Devices
  • Cloud Systems
  • Social Media Accounts like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter

Social Media Investigations

More and more, parties are using social media investigations and BIA’s online social media presence reports to help analyze employee hiring decisions, insurance claims and other reasons related to legal disputes.

In some cases, the text or date of a post, geolocation information or media, such as pictures and videos, is important to the matter for subsequent analysis or review. Regardless of the outcome, the BIA team of experts stands ready to support clients in finding the facts and uncovering the truth.

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Key Reasons to Rely on BIA

Our investigators help your organization by...

Protecting Intellectual Property

Many commercial disputes these days – especially those involving theft of IP or HR matters, such as when talent leaves to work at a competitor – require digital investigations. Smartphones or tablets, laptops and cloud systems may all need to be identified, searched and analyzed. To accomplish this quickly and accurately, with easy-to-read reports and investigation details, our clients rely on our digital investigation services.

Protecting In-House IT Staff

Though corporate IT teams may feel comfortable imaging a copy of a laptop for archival purposes, they are not experienced or certified to perform a deeper analysis of the usage of the laptop – for example, finding the recent browsing sessions and files within a specific timeframe. In many digital investigations, files and data that have been previously deleted need to be recovered. Our digital forensics experts are skilled at recovering deleted files and data from many different device types.

Using Mature and Accepted Methods

Since BIA has been a leader in the digital and computer forensics fields for over 15 years, it has established in-house best practices that have guided its success and our clients' protection throughout the years. Those mature methodologies used by experienced technical and investigative staff is a major differentiator for BIA as a leading cyber investigations firm.

Investigation Services that Quickly Bring the Facts to Light

Trust your digital investigation to the experts at BIA.

Our digital investigations clients include insurance companies, financial firms, law enforcement agencies and law firms who require a trusted and experienced company to get to the heart of the facts by using computer forensics principles and methods, regardless of the type of system or data being investigated.

BIA’s investigative professionals are certified private investigators.  They and their supporting staff work tirelessly to attack complex computer forensics issues related to investigating a wide array of systems like servers, smartphones and online systems.

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