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Digital & Computer Forensics

Digital & Computer Forensics

Digital and computer forensic investigations – from handhelds to cloud servers.

Digital and computer forensics include acquiring, indexing, analyzing and reporting on a digital asset, system or data set for an investigation.

For example, it may include investigating a smartphone for geo-location information or a laptop for browser activity.

The Challenge: Data Is Everywhere.

We are experts at retrieving data from all systems – from laptops to social networks.

Any organization could have data located on computers, hard drives and servers, in the cloud, on mobile devices and more. Data is composed of many different types of files and data, which when identified and forensically acquired, are used as part of the digital and computer forensic analysis and investigation.

Files can include standards like documents and email, as well as text messages, social media, and video. Our expert, certified forensic specialists can find and examine data in any form, in any location.

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Our techs actually enjoy getting on the digital trail to find what you need to win.

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Experience Matters

Our senior examiners provide in-depth digital forensic analysis for matters of all sizes and complexities.

BIA has provided comprehensive digital and computer forensics services since our founding in 2002. We stay up-to-date on the most advanced techniques, software, equipment and methods and processes available, so we know we can get you the answers you need.

Our specialist teams have the experience to perform every type of digital and computer forensic investigation needed.  From full disc imaging, smartphone captures and online cloud system data acquisitions we have the know-how and tools to begin correctly and then follow-through as needed, whether for a digital forensic investigation or for eDiscovery.

All services are performed in a defensible, secure manner complete with detailed documentation and audit trails. And we back up our findings and reports with expert testimony and affidavits.

The Process Counts

When performing computer forensics tasks, following a strict process makes all the difference.

Aligned with Legal Strategy

When performing digital and computer forensics investigations for corporate clients, BIA incorporates years of experience into its processes to ensure investigative phases correspond to and align with the legal strategy.

Privilege Maintained

BIA's investigative processes are designed to ensure legal privilege is maintained during all review phases.  Our proven quality control measures apply to any investigation of a digital asset, such as a smartphone or laptop, right at the start. While that may seem like an obvious thing to do, some computer forensics companies add it too late in the process.  That's where BIA stands apart.

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