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Mobile Phone Investigations

Mobile Phone Investigations

It's not just about laptops and desktops anymore.

In addition to computers, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are often important sources of information in such matters. BIA can image or otherwise capture data from any mobile device. In most cases, this includes a report that details all available text messages, call logs, voicemails, contacts, web browsing history, WiFi connections, applications available on the device, photography, videos, chats and passwords, along with dozens of other data points (to the extent that that information is retrievable from the device*). In some cases, local copies of emails will be available.

In addition, depending on the phone’s make and model, we can forensically analyze the phone image for additional deleted data and activity logs.

BIA’s forensic examiners can also generate a timeline of events from mobile devices and often can create a historical map of all locations where the device has been used by utilizing the device’s history of WiFi connections, cell tower connections, photograph metadata and any other data on the device that contains GPS coordinates or other location identifying data.

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