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eDiscovery Services

eDiscovery Services

eDiscovery Services delivered by highly credentialed, experienced professionals leveraging mature technologies.

A trusted source for nearly two decades, BIA provides secure eDiscovery services that are trusted by Fortune 500, AmLaw 200 and Forbes Global 2000 organizations.

BIA eDiscovery services are delivered with the focused goal of reducing our clients’ overall legal costs and risks while ensuring confidentiality and data security.

BIA's eDiscovery Managed Services

BIA's eDiscovery managed services are unique because we work as part of our clients' legal teams, with the in-house attorneys and the company’s outside law firm, to deploy and manage secure, cost-effective and legally defensible eDiscovery.

The experts at BIA provide eDiscovery services that are second to none.

Custodian Identification

Searching and identifying people and systems for relevant ESI is critical to ensuring a complete search of documents and data for a lawsuit. BIA has the tools and methods to do it right.

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Data Collection for eDiscovery

Collecting ESI (data) for legal matters is the first step to maintaining evidentiary integrity. BIA has never met a system or data type it could not collect in a legally defensible way.

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eDiscovery Processing

Processing data is an advanced indexing and error-checking phase in the overall eDiscovery process and helps lawyers understand the format of the documents to be searched and reviewed.

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eDiscovery Hosting

For lawyers to conduct an effective review, all files must be hosted in a document review system. Whether online or in-house, BIA has the technical know-how and offerings you need.

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Search and Analytics

Advanced search and analytics technologies work to filter and cull data sets down in automated ways to help reduce the number of documents sent to attorneys for review.

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Document Productions

BIA has produced hundreds of millions of documents to private parties and regulators using mature processes and strict QC measures to ensure that productions are correct the first time.

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eDiscovery Consulting

BIA consultants and advisors are skilled at advanced eDiscovery, digital forensics, privacy and cybersecurity, and they work alongside clients and attorney teams to create strategy and win cases.

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eDiscovery Managed Services

In-house eDiscovery is complicated and uses too many legal and IT resources. Instead, rely on BIA to manage those processes in a legally defensible and cost-effective way.

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Tackling Our Clients' Challenges Head-On

BIA’s eDiscovery services solve common yet difficult challenges

Today’s legal matters all require specialized data management. Commercial litigation, regulatory inquiries, such as civil investigative demands (CIDs), M&A-related projects, such as DOJ information requests, third-party subpoena responses and more all involve volumes of data. Plus, that data can be stored across disparate systems, both by technology type and geography.

The growing sophistication of IT systems, distributed storage and mobile computing has changed the landscape for eDiscovery. So, ensuring that eDiscovery happens smoothly is critical to maintaining budgets and keeping outside counsel and related legal expenses in check — and ultimately to legal success.

Already Strained Resources

For enterprise IT systems, the technical and procedural requirements for ensuring that data is preserved, processed, reviewed and produced in a compliant manner can be challenging, especially with already strained resources.

Special Data Handling

Further, documents and data involved in eDiscovery must be handled in a specialized manner, so typically those activities should be performed by certified professionals and not by internal IT resources.

In-House Costs More

Plus, it's primarily a losing ROI these days to maintain an internal staff and related software, equipment and relevant professional subscriptions for managing eDiscovery in-house.

A Tried and True Process

BIA has driven successful eDiscovery strategies for our clients because of several simple, but fundamental, reasons.


Internal Knowledge & Experience

BIA has, right under its roof, all the essential skill sets, experience, industry knowledge and technology tools required. That means BIA has the people, processes, methods, tools and technology to facilitate, manage and execute each stage of eDiscovery for any case. Even better, everything is harmonized to drive success for our clients.

Tested, Mature Methods & Technologies

BIA is one of the few eDiscovery service providers that has seasoned, legal subject matter experts and an experienced software development team on staff. These experts, along with BIA’s many eDiscovery software applications, help support all eDiscovery needs and managed eDiscovery services.

Custom Project Management Sytem and SOPs

A major BIA differentiator is our real-time tracking and reporting across many areas of the entire EDRM workflow. Clients have access to dashboards and details, providing a comprehensive picture of their matters, custodians, data and other areas across eDiscovery and legal operations. Our project managers carry multiple certifications and know eDiscovery cold. They know how to get successful results within budget.

Supporting Our Clients with a Simple Recipe for Success


We begin by learning about our client's needs and current processes.
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We plan, execute and work together to mitigate risk and decrease costs, while increasing the legal defensive posture of the client.
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Our iterative process ensures we continue to make things better, save more money and increase legal defensibility.
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Increase Your eDiscovery Maturity Score

Using simple, cost-effective methods we help strengthen your legal defensibility.

Too many organizations still perform ad-hoc eDiscovery. That leads to inconsistencies, failed attempts, retries, more legal risk and higher costs. BIA has helped thousands of organizations reach a higher level of maturity with their eDiscovery strategy by using simple methods and offering foundational services.

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