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ESI Identification

Custodian & ESI Identification

Automate custodian and ESI identification.

eDiscovery requires early identification of both people and data to ensure attorneys have what is needed for the case. This is an area where BIA excels. Our team has been identifying “Electronically stored information” (ESI) and custodians for legal matters for nearly two decades and across thousands of system types.

Identifying ESI is a critical first step in any eDiscovery, litigation or regulatory matter. The process begins with identifying “custodians” – people who may have been involved in a matter or who may know where data is stored.

Identifying People & ESI

BIA identifies the right people and data quickly.

BIA uses a multitude of automated IT tools, software and specialized methods to identify ESI across corporate networks, from both on-prem and cloud environments.

We also implement custodian questionnaires such as online interviews to custodians and leverage the information gained to bolster the technological aspects of the identification process.

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We make it simple for you to take control of your data.

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We Are the “Data Whisperers"

We make it simple for you to take control of your data.

As a company with roots in digital and computer forensics and information security, BIA takes a unique yet mature approach to data identification. We know the most effective ways to find documents and data that may be relevant in a lawsuit, investigation, legal dispute or other matter.

Some of those techniques include:

  • Automated parsing of Active Directory (AD) and other directory services
  • Network and Global Address List analysis
  • Online custodian interviews and questionnaires
  • Intelligent data mining techniques

BIA helps you manage your data right from the first legal hold. The first step of any identification process is to notify your custodians of the matter and of the organization’s and the individual’s obligations to preserve potentially responsive information — quickly. Luckily, we have a solution that allows you to create, issue and fully track a legal hold in minutes.

From there, BIA works with you to identify the location of all data — including by team, by the person and by the device. Whether you have a detailed information governance plan fully implemented and monitored, or you’re not sure what data is where, we’ve got your back.

If It Exists, We’ll Find It

Our experienced team has created the right combination of comprehensive custodian questionnaires, detailed interviews, and data mapping to help you know where each and every file is. The best part? With BIA, data identification is not a cumbersome, time-intensive process. We take it all on, leveraging the latest technology and protocols to minimize business interruptions, and we’ll keep you apprised of our progress every step of the way.

Once you’ve identified the sources of your data, our solutions can provide you incredible insights, even before it’s collected. And when you’re ready to collect the data, we have the perfect, simple and efficient solution for that too.

All that can be done with the literal push of a button. It’s data management made easy.

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