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eDiscovery Data Collection

eDiscovery Data Collection

Garbage in, garbage out.

It’s best practice to gather and preserve data as soon as you know it might be needed for eDiscovery or legal purposes. However, if that data acquisition is done without ensuring evidentiary integrity, keeping the metadata secure and focusing on using computer forensics principles, then all of the subsequent eDiscovery phases may be in jeopardy.

BIA always uses the right methods and protocols to collect data, ensuring documents and data (ESI) are gathered forensically and that there won’t be spoliation claims.

BIA's Data Collection and ESI Preservation Services

The experience, technology and know-how to gather and preserve your data the right way.

BIA’s roots are in computer forensics, which is a core skill for gathering and preserving data for lawsuits, regulatory matters and internal investigations. In most cases, BIA’s data collection solution, backed by our expert team, will help quickly and easily identify your data across people and related systems.

We ensure that the right, targeted data is gathered and preserved in a forensically sound manner. And your custom dashboard gives you real-time visibility into the status of every collection. Our secure, remote ESI preservation platform seamlessly and defensibly gathers and preserves data from multiple devices, systems and corporate network and cloud locations.

No Hardware Costs and No Heavy IT Resources to Deploy or Train

All data-gathering and preservation activities are performed by BIA technical staff using eDiscovery and IT tools such as DiscoveryBOT, WinHEX, and EnCase. We also provide on-site data-gathering and specialized system collections.

Because we are known in the industry as the experts in data collections, we are frequently asked to collect data from almost any device you could imagine – antiquated telephone systems, video, swipe card databases, copy machines, the latest social media platform and much more. If it’s a system that stores data, then we’ll find a way to collect and preserve it in a legally defensible manner.

And don’t forget data security. We make sure data is encrypted from the moment of collection and follow strict chain-of-custody protocols. We also back up our digital forensic data collections with affidavits and expert testimony.

The Benefits of BIA’s Data Collection Experts

BIA has collected data from systems in over 45 countries.

  • Specialized tools and software
  • Mature and certified data gathering methods
  • Extensive database of investigative scripts
  • Remote data identification and collection capabilities
  • Forensically collected and encrypted data
  • Easy-to-use tool that allows to defensibly collect in a few clicks
  • The technology and methods to collect from all system types
  • Ability to provide expert testimony, which may be needed later

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