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eDiscovery Hosting

eDiscovery Hosting

Secure hosted document repositories for attorney review.

When attorneys perform document and data review for lawsuits or regulatory matters, the documents need to be hosted in an eDiscovery platform that allows for document viewing and organizing, advanced search, analytics, technology assisted review (TAR), document tagging, redactions, productions and more.

BIA is a leading provider of the most popular eDiscovery hosting platforms in the industry, including Relativity, Reveal, Office 365 eDiscovery and other hosted and in-house platforms.

BIA Legal Data Hosting

Terabytes of hosted data, backed by comprehensive IT security & support.

BIA provides highly secured systems to provide flexible eDiscovery hosting for legal document review. We begin with a powerful infrastructure that improves responsiveness, searches, indexing and more — and we back it up with intense, certified security measures.

Download the information sheet about our secure Relativity hosting.

The benefits of using BIA:

  • Experienced technicians & industry experts
  • Robust & reliable infrastructure
  • Comprehensive system & data security
  • Battle-tested disaster recovery
  • Hot-site business continuity
  • Integrated analytical tools & AI solutions

Experienced eDiscovery Hosting

BIA’s experts have designed and implemented thousands of sites and can put that experience to work for you.

We’ve developed site organization plans, document review workflows, advanced tagging panels, production protocols and more. Our comprehensive solutions help control costs and ensure accuracy, effectiveness and legal extensibility. As with most technology, it is the knowledge and real-world experience of the people designing, implementing, running and ultimately standing behind that technology that makes all the difference in the world.

That’s not to say that the right technology doesn’t play a crucial role too, but even there, you might find that there’s more to it than may be expected.

Reduce eDiscovery Costs with BIA

Using analytics, custom reporting and specialized workflows to reduce costs.

eDiscovery hosting can be seen as a large part of overall eDiscovery spend. But, when it’s set up properly, implemented efficiently and made part of a comprehensive eDiscovery workflow, the right eDiscovery hosting platform can actually help significantly reduce overall costs. We start each matter by thinking through not just the initial setup of the site, but the eventual review and production workflows, too. While not every need can be anticipated in advance, even a small investment in time and thought upfront can save you from untold wasted costs and efforts later.

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When properly designed, implemented and leveraged, a good eDiscovery hosting platform pays for itself in review cost reductions.

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Lower Your Costs and Improve Efficiency

The importance of centralizing your eDiscovery hosting.

All too often we see companies and law firms utilizing a disconnected patchwork of vendors and systems across the entire eDiscovery workflow, which not only increases costs, but puts your data at risk, too.

By partnering with a single vendor for all of your eDiscovery needs, keeping clear tabs on how your data is protected and where your data resides at all times becomes exponentially more manageable and achievable.

Centralizing your eDiscovery needs increases efficiency, reduces costs and bolsters defensibility. When data from across all of your legal, regulatory and investigatory matters is using the same standardized workflows and software solutions, you’ll also be better able to leverage your legal spend across all matters.

Highly Differentiated eDiscovery Hosting

BIA is one of the top eDiscovery hosting providers in the market.

Not all litigation support companies are created equal. Here’s what to look for when choosing the right eDiscovery hosting provider for your organization:

  • Enterprise Class Security
  • DDoS Protection
  • Zero Downtime Maintenance
  • No Latency Document Rendering
  • Custom Reporting Dashboards
  • Corporate SSO Enabled
  • Backend Managed by IT Pros
  • Hosting Terabytes of Data
  • Supporting Thousands of Simultaneous Users
  • No Long-term Contracts Required
  • Specialized Custodian Management
  • Proprietary Workflows & Plug-ins

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