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eDiscovery Managed Services

eDiscovery Managed Services

Proven, successful methods for corporations.

eDiscovery managed services is a specialized area of the eDiscovery industry and is only successfully offered by providers that have a proven track record of mature service offerings related to the specific needs of in-house corporate legal departments.

A Unique Way of Delivering eDiscovery Managed Services

A practical approach to eDiscovery planning.

The unique way that BIA delivers its eDiscovery managed services is a major part of our success with our corporate enterprise clients.

We take the time up-front to learn about the way in which our corporate clients currently work and we weave in the correct and appropriate processes to win in eDiscovery while keeping costs low.  Sometimes that requires big changes within the legal department and other times, just small tunings.

Reduce overall litigation spend and legal risks by:

  • Streamlining project kickoffs and legal data requests
  • Enforcing consistent processes and procedures
  • Leveraging volume pricing for legal data and IT services
  • Following corporate-approved litigation playbooks
  • Re-using documents and review tags across matters
  • Relying on institutional knowledge for legal document review

Providing Access to Proprietary Tools and Methods

Consistent processes, legal defensibility and cost savings.

BIA provides our corporate clients access to several proprietary tools to allow for easy monitoring, auditing, maintenance and execution. BIA also provides state-of-the-union-type meetings at least twice a year to an executive audience within the corporation so that everyone is in the know about the high-level strategy, issues, challenges and successes.

How we handle all of the requirements, activities, tasks and nuances of getting eDiscovery right is crucial to the continued success of the BIA eDiscovery managed services team. The experience, expertise, tools, technology and specialized processes that BIA brings to the table are packed together in this cost-effective corporate enterprise offering.

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Offering eDiscovery managed services from the beginning.

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eDiscovery Managed Services: A Hybrid Approach

BIA knows that it takes a combination of accepted technology, mature processes and experienced people to make it work right.

eDiscovery managed services are delivered as a hybrid approach — one that fits the needs of each client. Though much of the protocols and technologies in the eDiscovery field are similar and interchangeable, the specific needs of each company and law firm are different.  Sometimes it’s just a nuanced difference but enough to make a substantial difference in the approach, efficiency and success of a case.

To determine whether eDiscovery managed services will offer real and immediate benefits to your organization, read our article about the value of managed eDiscovery.

Are eDiscovery managed services the right fit for your organization?

Our professionals have a simple five-point model they follow to quickly determine whether your organization can save money and headaches by implementing eDiscovery managed services with BIA.

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