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Legal Document Productiond

Legal Document Productions

Speed, quality and accuracy.

Legal document productions are more than just sets of documents that get prepared for productions to opposing parties and regulators. They require intense quality control scrutiny to ensure that only those documents tagged for production during the legal document review stage are indeed meant to be produced.

BIA has produced millions of documents to thousands of parties and the government over the years and has never had an inadvertent privileged document get produced because of negligent practices or quality control issues.

We pride ourselves in the work we do that goes into every legal document production set, whether several documents or many.

BIA's Legal Document Production Services

Many eDiscovery companies ignore the final stages of the discovery process and fall flat when it comes to legal document production, whether electronic or paper. BIA has an intense focus on legal document productions and ensures top quality, no errors and rapid turn around every time.

Legal document productions aren't always easy to build or manage. In fact, BIA has been hired more times than we can count to fix previously non-compliant productions that were put together by outside counsel or a vendor without the requisite experience.

eDocument (ESI) Productions

Producing electronic documents after review is a required step in the litigation process. Electronic Bates Numbering, TIFFing, creating PDFs and ensuring no privilege documents are released are all parts of the unique BIA legal document production process.

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Reprographics & Scanning

Paper is still an important component to many legal proceedings from witness binders to exhibits for use in depositions and at trial. Binders and color documents are used in complex litigation and in IP cases. BIA has you covered across the paper services spectrum.

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Legal Document Productions

On-time and on-budget.

With BIA’s honed processes and strict quality control measures, we make sure your legal document productions are correct and compliant the first time.

Our automated quality control systems and our experienced review and production staff double- and triple-check everything from redactions to legibility to Bates numbers to OCR text and more. We then deliver the data as determined (native, tiff, image, text, PDF) – via a secure password-protected FTP site, an encrypted hard drive or another secure media. We make sure you have your document productions when and where you need them.

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We make sure you have your document productions when and where you need them.

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Courtroom Presentations

BIA helps you prepare for trial with videos, large format printing, slideshows and helpful digital graphics.

Since its founding, BIA has been supporting attorneys and law firms with trial preparation to succeed in court and win.

So much effort goes into the discovery phase of a trial — yet many times that energy is not matched with the same quality and gusto when preparing documents and data for presentation at trial or other legal proceedings. BIA ensures that the right processes are in place so that any relevant emails and documents identified in discovery can be used as helpful exhibits for trial.

We can also provide affidavits and expert testimony. And when the matter is concluded, BIA can destroy or return the documents produced within 30 days.

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