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Electronic Document Production

Electronic Document Productions

Produce ESI rapidly, with high-quality and intense accuracy.

BIA has been producing electronic documents since its founding.  Whether producing documents as TIFF images or PDFs, BIA has mature proprietary processes and procedures to ensure your legal document productions are high-quality and available in a timely fashion to meet all Court requirements and deadlines.

Attention to Detail. Timely Deliveries.

Document productions can easily get messed-up. BIA processes ensure quality.

When creating legal document productions, timing is somewhat self-evident based on the case management orders relevant to the case. But spelling out when the initial production is due, expectations for rolling productions and documenting a well-checked quality control process are the requisite steps that BIA follows to help set client expectations.

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Trust BIA with your most complex electronic document production needs.

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ESI Production Protocols

BIA always works to create and follow a strict production protocol.

Having an agreed-upon game plan will save expenses.  BIA works closely with our clients to discuss and plan everything that goes into creating a rock-solid ESI production protocol which is a litigation bet practice and helps put all parties on the same footing so that each party knows what is expected.

By creating, and then following an ESI production protocol, questions and issues regarding productions are minimized and each party, if they follow the guidelines set forth in the production protocol, will proceed with little interruption by opposing counsel because each side produced according to the plan that was memorialized in an ESI production protocol.

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