Data Reduction Plan

Enterprise Data Reduction Plans

Corporations can store too much old data. BIA helps IT and legal departments deprecate data in a compliant way.

Legal departments ask corporate IT to hold data indefinitely – whether on file servers, backup tapes or hard drives – in order to ensure that, if a lawsuit or regulatory issue arises, the company can retrieve the data.

But that data carries a high monetary cost – and typically high legal risk.

Don’t keep data around just in case one day it may be needed.  There are legal ways to deprecate that data – i.e., delete it without future risks.

When the correct and compliant process — approved by experts or outside counsel and in-house legal — is followed, that data burden can be defensibly wiped away.

Reduce Archived Data

Legacy systems and old data can now be deleted without worry.

IT organizations have long struggled with legal requirements to maintain data for years on archive storage and legacy systems. Legal departments are typically averse to removing data because of possible legal risks of spoliation when data is deleted.

While it’s true some data may need to be kept due to litigation holds, it’s essential to have a process to identify data that can be purged. BIA has created legally defensible and compliant ways to ensure data can be deleted without the risk of sanctions.

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Delete old data in a legally compliant way with BIA’s legally defensible data reduction plans.

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