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Expert Services

Expert Services

Our clients' success is our success.

Highly credentialed and certified legal technology consulting and expert services by BIA experts have been a mainstay of BIA successful work with clients since the founding of the company.

BIA Experts have been successful in court, regulatory proceedings and have helped corporations design and implement internal eDiscovery and litigation strategy.

BIA's Expert Services

BIA digital experts have been successfully assisting clients for nearly two decades in the areas of eDiscovery strategy and with a range of novel digital evidence issues.

Expert Witness Services

Never put an internal resource on the stand. That advice has saved our clients over the years. Let BIA professional experts protect the organization by acting as a buffer. Opposing parties beware.

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Trial Consulting Services

Modern trial work requires modern technology and advanced tactics to win. Jury analysis, voir dire background checks and computer animations for presenting evidence are all parts of a successful strategy.

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eDiscovery Best Practices Guide

As a leading company in the eDiscovery industry, much of BIA's success comes from our keen ability to deliver secure, practical, cost-effective and legally defensible solutions to our corporate and law firm clients.

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The counsel and assistance you need, the way you need it.

BIA expert services have provided and continue to provide, to its clients' successful strategy, assistance, and technical expertise in order to win.

The professionals that make up the BIA expert services group are at the top of their league in the industry and successful in testimonial situations. It is a group that is composed of professionals from the legal, privacy, technology, forensics and cyber-security fields. All BIA experts, advisors and consultants have many years of experience in their respective fields, have testified and acted as consulting witnesses for many different case types and across a wide spectrum of technology topics. BIA expert services also include advanced technical consulting and data systems and information security issue review and consulting.

BIA Advisors have been integral in assisting corporate legal departments to design and implement legally defensible and cost-effective ESI management protocols. By putting in-place processes that protect the company from unnecessary discovery costs and from unneeded motion practice and associated legal fees, BIA corporate clients decrease risk and costs across the board.

BIA consultants and advisors also assist clients with IT and privacy systems and protocols. As privacy issues increase and the laws such as the GDPR in Europe and the CA Privacy Laws and others that will likely follow in the U.S., BIA is in a strong position to assist clients with the wide range of issues that arise, especially as that corporate data and documents may be used in litigation and regulatory matters.

Expert Services Include

  • Custom eDiscovery Best Practices Guides for corporations and law firms
  • Custodian management processes and solution development, integrating disparate sources across networks, domains and subsidiaries
  • Data preservation consulting and polices for legal hold development and management and for data reduction programs
  • Expert Witness Services related to a wide array of topics
  • Cloud data policies with respect to eDiscovery
  • Document production protocols
  • TAR, CAL and other predictive technology consulting
  • Attorney document review
  • eDiscovery consulting and advisory
  • eDiscovery workflow creations and deployment

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