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Expert Witness Services

Expert Witness Services

To convince a jury, use an expert.

Our experts have testified hundreds of times in courts, legal proceedings and arbitrations. We offer written testimony and appearances related to many topics in eDiscovery, digital and computer forensics, cybersecurity and digital privacy.

BIA's Expert Witness Services

The right expert wins the case.

At BIA, we live by that idea. Our expert witness services ensure we consider the intricacies and various issues involved and how they interrelate to the law and the legal argumentative process.

Our experienced legal, technical and process experts take a comprehensive 360º approach to the case. That way, we can determine a successful formula that helps our clients succeed in court, arbitrations and in other legal proceedings.

Areas Where BIA’s Consulting and Testifying Experts Shine

  • eDiscovery best practices
  • Digital investigations process and methods
  • Privacy issues
  • Digital evidence issues
  • Advanced computing and IT topics

Your Subject Matter Partner

BIA’s expert witness work spans the spectrum of subjects.

BIA ‘s experts focus on general technology topics, eDiscovery, digital investigations and forensics, information security, data privacy and related fields. BIA also manages an international network of subject matter experts across many other fields.

We partner with you and act as part of the litigation team. Our methods, reporting, chain of custody and other processes and metrics can withstand even the most severe scrutiny. Additionally, BIA’s experts ensure that all evidence presented or topics explained are performed using the highest legal ethical standards.

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