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Trial Consulting Services

Trial Consulting Services

Trial consulting done right.

BIA’s trial consulting services are designed to understand the perceptions, attitudes and motivations of jurors and judges, resulting in a detailed, immersive analysis that helps you make strategic decisions about your cases.

We are proud to offer these services through our partnership with Blueprint Trial Consulting, giving you one contact to manage all of your litigation services needs, from the first litigation hold through the final court decision.

Jury Research

Jury research applies social science methodologies – quantitative and qualitative research, advanced statistics and decision science – to reveal the biases, attitudes and experiences that can drive jurors’ decision-making. The results are used to guide the trial team toward successful discovery, settlement and trial strategies.

  • In-person Jury Research: This involves drawing a mock jury representative of the trial venue, developing visual presentations and testing case issues. An electronic keypad system is used to reveal how the mock jurors are reacting to arguments as they are presented. Mock juror deliberations inform the key issues and evidence that are critical for their verdict determinations. The results of this research provide an assessment of litigation risk and the effectiveness of trial strategies.
  • Mock Trial Simulations: Mock trials test the effectiveness of an entire case, from opening statements to closing arguments. Clients receive feedback on the effectiveness of storylines, determine effective ways to counter the opposing party’s arguments and evidence and evaluate the strength of key witness testimony.
  • Jury Profiling Research: Using “big data” techniques to evaluate the likelihood of jurors favoring your client, we can better understand the biases jurors enter the courtroom with and determine “good” and “bad” jurors during the voir dire and jury selection process.
  • Online Jury Research: The system allows for the streaming of presentations, so clients can watch as mock jurors deliberate in real time.
  • Community Attitude Surveys: A survey of the jury pool is conducted to determine how potential jurors view a summary of the case issues. This research also may be used for high-profile cases to determine what impact any media attention has on jurors’ views of the client and case. The results of this research can also be used to request a change of venue, if necessary.

Voir Dire Consulting and Juror Questionnaires

Based on our jury research and experience, we will work with your team to develop voir dire questions and supplement juror questionnaires to maximize the effectiveness of our peremptory challenges. During jury selection, we will use this information to determine the risk of each potential juror. After the jury has been selected, we will provide an analysis of each juror that includes suggested areas for persuading him or her during the trial.

Shadow Juries

A shadow jury with a makeup similar to that of the trial’s actual jury is selected and used each day of the trial. The shadow jury hears only the evidence available to actual jury members. Based on the shadow jurors’ feedback, we provide a daily report summarizing their reactions to the arguments, evidence and witnesses and provide recommendations for refining our trial strategies.

Witness Training

Poor communication from witnesses can quickly derail a strong case, which is why proper witness training and evaluation is critical for a successful outcome at trial. We will educate witnesses on how to effectively testify by identifying and teaching verbal and non-verbal behaviors, credibility-earning demeanors and effective ways for dealing with cross-examination questioning.

Graphics Consulting and Production

Graphics are used in trial to effectively educate and persuade decision-makers by supporting trial narratives, simplifying complex topics and providing a visual representation of key facts and evidence. Visual elements are critical to educate and persuade jurors and judges.

We offer creative and effective visual strategies in:

  • Presentation design
  • 3D modeling and animation
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Medical and technical illustration
  • Interactive technology tutorials
  • On-site war room support
  • Display board production and printing

Trial Technology

Helping you best utilize technology for courtroom presentations.

We can work with you remotely or on-site to assist in organizing trial databases – including documents, photos, deposition transcripts and more – and also advise on the most effective courtroom presentation, thus allowing you to better communicate your case during trial.

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