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Legal Document Review Services

Legal Document Review

Fast, accurate and cost-effective.

With BIA, you get an expert team of professional legal document reviewers.

Reviewing documents for lawsuits and regulatory matters can be a hassle – pulling together a contract attorney team, training them on what to do, hoping you don’t have to review a second round with a whole new team and not knowing how many hours it will take or what the cost will be. Why go through that headache and stress?

BIA has been performing successful legal document reviews for over a decade, assisting corporate clients and law firms using accurate, cost-effective methodologies and advanced tech.

BIA’s Legal Document Review Services

BIA’s legal document review team is composed of experienced legal professionals, licensed attorneys and litigation support technicians with an outstanding track record of efficiently, accurately and defensibly reviewing documents for some of the largest companies and law firms in the world.

The BIA legal document review team creates a bespoke review strategy that will ensure the best use of time and money.

Managed Document Review

BIA offers a no-hassle, cost-effective turn-key solution that includes the people, the secure technology and the protocols for a winning legal document review strategy.

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Technology Assisted Review

Technology assisted review (TAR) and predictive coding are standard ways to bolster speed and accuracy of legal document review. BIA offers the best of these.

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Foreign Language Doc Review

Our professional, foreign-language-speaking attorneys and reviewers deliver quality, rapid results in a multitude of languages, without breaking the bank.

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Legal Privilege Review

Reviewing and tagging documents for attorney-client and work-product privilege uses special skills and protocols. BIA backs that with years of experience.

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Legal Document Review Challenges Unique to Corporations

When it comes right down to it, corporations spend too much money on legal document review.

Though in-house attorneys and their outside counsel understand the importance of the legal document review phase of litigation, regulatory matters and M&A projects, they are not always prepared or well-versed in the legal document approach.

Some challenges include:

  • Not using outside counsel in a more strategic way
  • Not retaining institutional knowledge
  • Spending money using the wrong cost model
  • Not vetting the reviewers or the technology
  • Using decentralized review management

BIA legal document review professionals live and breathe document review and are always making the process better for our clients.

  • BIA attorneys and legal professionals are highly trained
  • BIA attorneys and legal professionals focus solely on attorney review tactics and methods
  • When not involved in a document review project, our attorney review professionals are constantly tuning and testing our processes and methods
  • BIA legal document reviewers frequently maintain their skills within the eDiscovery software or online document hosting platform that best suits the matter at hand
  • BIA reviewers treat document review as a legal practice with all of the discipline and diligence that underlies any legal area

There are many legal document review choices — and BIA offers the best

In today's legal environment, companies and law firms can easily be confused and overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right approach, methods and tech for legal document review. BIA has you covered.

Online legal document review is a typical method for granting access to documents by the review attorneys and supporting staff.

Data hosting platforms such as Relativity, Reveal, Everlaw, CSDisco, and Sharepoint are designed and managed by eDiscovery providers to support the review process and to make it easier for attorneys to move through documents.

BIA supports all of these methods and technologies and suggests the best option for the matter at hand.

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