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Foreign Language Document Review

Foreign Language Document Review

Multilingual review requires sophisticated legal review methods and a special set of skills and resources.

As business dealings have become more global in nature, so has eDiscovery. Attorneys are encountering more and more cases that require foreign language document review. But not all providers’ foreign language document review services are equal.

Foreign language review projects carry a whole host of additional aspects to the review process than is typical in a standard English language attorney review process.

BIA's Foreign Language Document Review Services

Our professional, foreign language speaking attorneys and reviewers deliver quality, rapid results.

Foreign language document review (FLDR) is a sophisticated legal review service and requires a special set of skills and resources. While many providers are challenged to deliver a high-quality, knowledgeable and rapid service, BIA has mastered the delivery of managed legal document review, especially when it comes to foreign language legal document review.

For tips on successfully managing a foreign language document review, view our article originally published in Corporate Counsel magazine.

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A Leading Provider of Foreign Language Document Review

The right people, processes and technology.

The right people.

The most important part of FLDR is to have experienced reviewers with multiple kinds of expertise. It’s not enough to simply be able to read the language. You want to know that your team knows the ins and outs of it – that they can pick up on nuances, slang and connections that may not be obvious. Even further, your team must be able to communicate the concepts to the attorney of record in perfect English. (What good is foreign language document review if you cannot understand the reviewer?)

Truly successful FLDR requires language expertise that goes far beyond textbook language skills, and it cannot be handled with machine translation. It requires a team of smart, experienced reviewers who know the language because they have lived in that country or are living there now. You want reviewers who understand the jargon, reviewers who can take concepts and create effective search terms and reviewers who know international law. That’s what our team offers.

When we hire reviewers for our foreign language reviews, we take care to ensure that they are well-versed in performing legal reviews with experience as attorneys or as legal professionals so that our FLDR staff “speak legal” just as well as they speak the target review language. This means they can synthesize information in a way our clients can understand and use, thus saving clients time, money and stress.

The right processes.

Not only do we have a dedicated team of foreign language document reviewers on staff, but we’ve already sourced additional reviewers for when we need to expand our team. As a result, we are able to start reviewing documents very quickly – typically within three days – and without the high attrition rate that can accompany most foreign language document review projects.

Because we have reviewers who are translators and interpreters, we can use them for depositions as well. This way, the entire review is streamlined – there is no third party needed to convey information back and forth. Everything is handled directly and efficiently, just like an English-language review.

Everything flows through the proven, stringent, and defensible processes and workflows for which BIA is known. That includes protocols for quality control, defensibility and security, as well as dedicated project management that ensures the review is accurate, court-approved and complete. We can also provide expert testimony if needed.

The right technology.

We use advanced analytics and machine learning to find the most relevant documents. Using our range of technology assisted review options – including Brainspace, NexLP and Relativity Active Learning – we select the best tool for the job. From our multiple review tools – Reveal and Relativity – we choose the platform that best matches the needs and complexity of the case so that our reviewers can organize data, conduct analysis, and make decisions that are intelligent and efficient.

Because we work with Amazon Web Services (AWS), we can quickly and cost-effectively create a dedicated review site on any AWS server worldwide. This relationship enables us to fulfill any international eDiscovery requirements, even if cross-border data issues are a factor.

Whichever solution you choose for the task at hand, your organization, internal resources, and outside counsel will all benefit from identical processes, workflows, chain of custody protocols (all customized as needed for local requirements) and the same end-user experience. Clients who have leveraged our unique international solution immediately recognize substantial efficiency and security along with the incredible value of data and attorney work product re-use.

Bottom line: BIA does foreign language document review better because we do it differently. From Japanese to Mandarin to Russian to Spanish and more, we ensure your FLDR happens smoothly, securely and correctly – the first time.

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