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Legal Privilege Review

Legal Privilege Review

Protect critical privilege documents from being inadvertently produced.

Privilege document review is often the most painstaking part of any document review and production effort. Clients and counsel have an overriding need to protect the advice of counsel wherever it might exist within the document set that is subject to the matter at hand.  

Real-world Experience

BIA has been involved in hundreds of privilege review projects of all sizes and scope.

Typical legal privilege determinations are made if a document contains, seeks or reflects legal advice from counsel. There are other extensions for privilege, such as work product and common interest (joint defense agreements) that may be in play as well. BIA has seen it all – and we know what to look for and what to log.

Our legal document review teams have specific personnel that excel in privilege reviews and use proprietary methods and tools to ensure correct identification of potentially privileged and actually privileged documents. Our teams have more experience than most legal document review companies with these types of specialized review projects, especially for complex privilege document reviews.

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The use of advanced analytics in privilege review encourages consistent privilege identification, calls and redactions for partial privilege wherever privileged content exists in various documents.

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Tested Methods & Strict QC

We have special methods and procedures to ensure known privilege terms are identified.

At the outset of every privilege review project, a list of all attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants are identified, both internally to the client as well as from outside counsel(s). Those on the list will work in tandem with BIA legal document reviewers to solidify the protocols and quality control parameters.

BIA has developed a proprietary system to ensure all legal privilege calls are identified early and iterated throughout the project. The system is programmed into the review hosting platform tagging system. This allows for robust quality control procedures and real-time priv log creation, which can be monitored by counsel at any time throughout the project.

Unique benefits to using BIA for your sensitive privilege review project include:

  • Claw-back expertise for all U.S. jurisdictions and many foreign venues as well
  • Claw-back fail-safes are designed into every review protocol
  • Comprehensive manual and automated production checks to significantly minimize risk
  • Mature procedures to differentiate between privileged documents that are wholly or partially privileged
  • Automated real-time privilege log creation during review
  • Privilege review protocol per corporate client for use across matters

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